Episode 2549

Australian Air Date: 11th February 1999

Geraldine steals Rebecca’s glory. Tom’s love life takes centre stage. Sam can’t shake his guilt.

Third appearance, last seen in #2538. Uncovered Tom’s secret feelings for Justine.
Girl in Tom’s class who liked his newfound notoriety.
Showed Rebecca the venue for the Wednesday Club music night.
Called in to tune the piano for the Wednesday Club music night.
Fourth appearance, last seen in #2235 credited as DR. HOLMAN. MC at the Wednesday Club’s music night.

Extended Summary

Fisher tells Sam that he has been told by Marilyn of Brian being Sam’s friend. They tell him that he should talk to them whenever he wishes. Sally is walking along the beach when she sees Sam in tears. She asks him what’s wrong. He does not tell her. Sally advises him to talk to Travis and Rebecca whenever he wants to – she is sure that they can help him. Joel drops into the Diner. He finds Sam there and informs him that he has spoken to Brian’s parents who told him that both Brian and Sam were good friends. Joel and Sam go to the beach as he wishes to talk to him about the incident. Sam blames himself for Brian’s death; Joel says that it is a matter for his conscience, not the police. Sam calls to the Nashes and talks to Travis. Travis tries to tell Sam that it’s not his fault his mate died. He mentions how he went through a similar ordeal with Kabiri in Somalia; he learnt to accept it and got on with his life. He also mentions that it’s human nature to feel guilty, even though there is nothing he can do.

Tom’s admirer asks him to go out. Lucas asks him how can he get girls. He is interested in playing cricket – or does he want to play just to get girls? He asks Tom will he be going to cricket practice, and could he come. Justine offers to do Tom’s chores if he goes to the training session. Tom decides to go. Later on, Alf calls at the Nashes to find Tom, as he hasn’t turned up at the training session. Justine is furious as she is now doing his chores for nothing. Tom is in the Diner with a girl who is massaging his shoulders; he talks about cricket being stressful. Alf finds Tom in the Diner and gives out to him, pointing out that he cannot afford to miss training. Tom boasts that no one would be able to play without him.

Rebecca is organising the evening. She is glad to find that the piano has been delivered, only to discover that she has forgotten to call the piano tuner. Due to a large turnout, the evening goes well. Fisher is looking at the food and chokes. Marilyn gives him a pat on the back; apparently she hits him to hard that one of his contact lens falls out! Fisher rummages through the food, trying to find the lens. Geraldine spots them messing up the food, and says that they should not be there. Rebecca does not say anything to her. Rebecca plays well on the piano. During this, Fisher scrubs his eye; Marilyn frets over his continuous movements: Fisher states that he thinks there is some mayonnaise in his eye! She tells Fisher and Marilyn that she enjoyed playing as there was no stress or pressure. A man gives a special announcement about the party arrangements. He says that the event is successful, as $5,600 has been raised and that it is all down to one person. He names this person: Geraldine. Rebecca is horrified when she hears this. Geraldine goes up on the stage, thanking everyone and wishing them an enjoyable evening; Rebecca feels she has been betrayed and used…

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