Episode 2550

Australian Air Date: 12th February 1999

Rebecca puts Geraldine in her place. Vinnie’s secret is revealed. Tom and Justine get it on.

Final episode. Took the credit for the music night which Rebecca had organised.
Fellow teacher who gave Rebecca insight into the Wednesday Club.
Took an interest in Tom before realising he had fallen for Justine.
Summer Bay Courier worker who offered Vinnie a regular column.

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Extended Summary

Rebecca is carrying on like a cracked record when she moans about how she is being treated. She discovers from a lady that after organising a similar event, she was dropped like a hot potato. Rebecca feels that there may be a scam going on in the Wednesday Club; she gets more convinced when Vinnie tells her a similar situation has happened to his mother. Geraldine calls in to see her, thanking her for organising the charity event and apologising for Dr Heidman’s mix-up with the names. Rebecca tells her that she is not interested in joining a club that uses people; Geraldine is stunned by this and says she is sorry about how Rebecca feels. After she departs, she checks the mail. A letter from the Wednesday club is among them; believing it to be a rejection, she reads it, only to discover she is wrong.

Joel asks Tom why he has skipped training. He does not tell him and walks away. Joel angrily tells him not to walk away from him. Tom is about to go out the door when his father demands an answer from him. He expresses his anger to him by mentioning that it’s typical that they give out to him when they don’t do the same to Gypsy. Provoked by Tom’s attitude, Joel grabs his arm and is about to hit him. At school, his mother asks him the same question. She tries to tell him that Joel and Gypsy may be having trouble coping. He snaps at her about Gypsy.

Vinnie is gladdened when he finds his horoscope has appeared in the paper. He reads out Sally’s star sign, but she dismisses it as she does not believe in it. Vinnie puts Sally’s letter from the tax office back in with the next mail. Sally opens her letter and is delighted to find a tax rebate; Vinnie informs her that the horoscope is right. Marilyn is glad to find the horoscope in the paper and reads out the predictions to Fisher. He tells Marilyn that they are nothing but rubbish. He leaves the house for work; he is shocked to find all four tyres on his car are flat. After he returns to the house, Vinnie appears, smiling to himself that his plan has succeeded. Marilyn is shocked to find that Russell’s predictions are true. At the Diner, she is gazing at the horoscope page long enough before Alf asks her about it. He calls astrologists ‘phoneys’! Ailsa is interested in hearing the predictions. She later rings the editor of the paper to ask if Russell does personal consultations. Vinnie gets a phone call from the editor; he says he’ll get Russell and changes his voice before going back onto the phone! She lets him know that there has been great response to the new horoscope and says he can continue with his work. He decides to ask her about the matter of a fee. He is asked whether he does personal consultations; his reply is that he does personal charts. Sally returns; Vinnie is on the phone and hints for some privacy by telling her it’s just business. Sally checks her computer; Vinnie rushes to hide his work. He is too late – his secret is now revealed.

At school, Justine reserves a seat for Tom, but he sits somewhere else. Tiegan asks her what is up with her. At the Diner, Tom sees Ledaine coming into the Diner; he complains to Justine that she cannot stay away from him. He asks Justine to pretend to her that she is his girl. Ledaine comes over to the table asking Tom to go somewhere else. He has difficulty trying to tell her that he is with Justine. Justine grabs Tom and gives him a long kiss! Ledaine is stunned, as does Tom. Tiegan is asked by Tom whether Justine is alright and tells her of the incident in the Diner. Tiegan tells Tom she is not interested in him; she asks him does he like her. He says he does, Tiegan changes her tone when she tells him that Justine is interested in him. He is baffled by her change; he is told that he was not a stud then! Tom is at the beach and finds Justine on a cliff edge. He asks her was she acting or not and says that he has kissed enough girls to know the difference between real and fake kisses. Justine says this is like a challenge; they both snog…

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