Episode 2551

Australian Air Date: 15th February 1999

Has Marilyn’s baby come prematurely? Tom and Justine finally get their act together. Has Saul returned from the dead?

Return episode, last seen in #2267. Returned as a vision from Joey’s subconscious. Urged a mentally ill Joey to murder Irene.
Mental health worker who visited Irene’s to check on Joey.
Mental health worker who visited Irene’s to check on Joey.

Extended Summary

Justine and Tom have discuss their kiss and their new relationship. They return home with their arms around each other. Tiegan teases them by making some comments about them. She asks them how his parents would respond to the relationship and tells them what may happen. In the kitchen, Justine and Tom are arguing. Natalie talks to Tom. He hints at something but does not say it until she drags it of him – he tells her of his near hit from his dad. She is shocked to hear this, and blames him for making this worse by not helping. She points out that, despite them being through the same ordeal, Joel may know that, deep down, that it is not his fault over what happened with Robert; however, he still feels responsible over the incident. Justine is lying on her bed when Tiegan enters the room. Tiegan applauds Justine’s performance when she announces Justine and Tom as the winners of the Oscars! In the caravan park, Tom is waiting. Justine appears and he asks her why she took so long. Alf and Fisher walk up the lane, talking; Tom and Justine hide quickly in the trees. Tom complains that it would happen every time they are together. He says he should get his own caravan.

Joey is having a lie down when he hears a voice calling him. He asks where it is. He is led to his computer and is told to switch it on. Saul’s face appears on the screen, warning him of ‘them’. Irene is an enemy and must not be trusted, he cautions him, as she has taken Selina and Joey away from him. Joey says that he has been sick – Saul says he has always been ever since he was taken away. He also mentions that the people are coming to help him; Saul warns him of the fact that they are coming to destroy him, not to help him, and advises him not to disclose his powers to them. Saul tells Joey to be careful and to watch what he says. The psychologists call to Irene’s to examine Joey. To Irene’s disbelief, Joey is very inviting, and welcoming to them. Irene calls to his room asking him what he’d like for dinner; he tells her he’ll do his own food and mentions that she is the one who is polluting his body. He states that he knows what she is up to. She is shocked and hurt by his remarks.

Vinnie is called on his mobile phone by the editor who asks him to do a personal consultation. He refuses with his reason that he has to maintain the secrecy of his identity, but changes his mind after the fee is disclosed. Marilyn is at the Diner with a book called Catch 22. Ailsa sees it and recalls reading it about 30 years ago. Marilyn tells Ailsa that she is not reading it, but it is a signal for the astrologist. Vinnie comes into the Diner; he gets nervous when he identifies the person. He quickly puts his sunglasses on and sits behind her. With a phoney accident, he quickly tells Marilyn not to turn around. She listens to his predictions and is very impressed. Jesse drops in, asking Vinnie who is he talking to. Marilyn, without hesitation, turns around, accusing him of making fun of her while she’s pregnant. She hurries out of the Diner to her car, while Vinnie is trying to tell her the truth. She continues giving out to him when she starts felling pains. She thinks the baby is coming…

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