Episode 2552

Australian Air Date: 16th February 1999

Marilyn has a baby boy. Tom manipulates his sister to get what he wants. Joey’s love leaves him.

First appearance. Donald and Marilyn’s new-born baby. Seen from birth.
Eighth appearance, last seen in #2474. Helped deliver Marilyn and Donald’s baby.
Third appearance, last seen in #2026. Helped in the delivery of Marilyn and Donald’s baby.
Final episode.

Extended Summary

Vinnie tries to help Marilyn get into her car by pushing her. Gypsy watches from a distance and is curious about this. Vinnie drives off; Gypsy shrugs her shoulders. Marilyn tells him to drive off to the hospital immediately and groans with pain; Vinnie mentions that she may be having false labour before asking her is she really sure her baby coming. He looks into the mirror, only to find that she hasn’t been listening and is holding her stomach with pain.

Joey mentions to Kaia that they should go together to live with his father. She is taken aback by his suggestion at first, but agrees as they both like each other. Tom calls to see Will; he meets Kaia who tells him of Joey’s idea. Irene returns to the house and tells Tom that both Will and Hayley are in the Surf Club. Being puzzled, he asks her about Joey and Kaia going to live with his father, he thought he was dead. This puzzles Irene who demands to speak to Kaia alone. She asks her the story and shows a newspaper cutting of Saul’s death. Kaia is angry and tells Joey she must leave. An image appears behind Joey’s head; Saul is talking to him saying that she has been turned against them and he must let her go. Kaia is puzzled when he is talking to someone who does not appear to be there; asks him who is he talking to. Saul warns him to be careful. Joey says that she may leave and says that she’ll never be back. Kaia, before leaving, begs Joey to get help. Irene is ironing when Joey gives her a look; he is angry with her for Kaia’s departure. Irene tires to convince him that she persuaded her to stay, but she wouldn’t. Saul appears again; she is baffled when he speaks to no one. He is warned to watch what he says.

Fisher and Alf are at the roadside waiting for Marilyn who has not turned up. Joel drives and stops to talk to them; he does not know where Marilyn is. Gypsy appears and mentions that she saw Vinnie pushing Marilyn into the car. Fisher gasps with panic before he exclaims that she may be having a baby. Marilyn is disappointed that Fisher has not turned up. A nurse reassures her that he will be here and tells her that she is to be put to sleep. Fisher appears at the hospital waiting impatiently. He sees Vinnie sitting on his own; turns to him and thanks him. Vinnie asks him is he OK about the mark on his car. Fisher panics but Vinnie tells him he is only kidding! The nurse comes to Fisher with good news; Marilyn has given birth to a baby boy and he can see them. Marilyn says he should have been here; Fisher says that the main thing is that both her and the baby are OK. He suggests that they name him instead of calling it ‘him’. ‘Vincent’ should be an appropriate name, she suggests, much to Fisher’s disbelief.

Tom causes problems in the Nash household; he walks away from the kitchen instead of doing the dishes. Gypsy claims he walked in on her while she was changing; Natalie is furious over their arguing; Travis mentions to Natalie that there will be a caravan free tomorrow and she tells him he should live in a caravan. Tom complains that he is being kicked out but does not answer back. Justine smiles; his plan has succeeded and goes up to congratulate him on his plan; they kiss…

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