Episode 2553

Australian Air Date: 17th February 1999

Marilyn’s worried – why isn’t she feeling happy? Vinnie is convinced he has psychic powers. Has Lachie married the other woman?

Return episode, last seen in #2525. Visited to inform Chloe of Lachie’s marriage to Dana. Briefly lost her eyesight after a near-fatal car crash and reformed her ways.


Extended Summary

Marilyn gets a lot of visitors during her stay in hospital and is not feeling too good. Rebecca says that she just had a major surgery and is feeling tired. Irene asks Marilyn what’s wrong; Marilyn says that the birth is not what she thought it would be; she says that she has been sleeping during surgery; she expected to be awake during part of it and feels that she may have been given the wrong baby! Irene offers to make her feel like a million dollars by applying make up on her. Fisher sees Chloe at the hospital; she has guessed the news. She asks if it’s OK to hug him as he’s not her headmaster! Chloe sees Marilyn and the baby and congratulates them both; she says she is lucky her labour is shorter than hers. Fisher suggests naming the baby. Marilyn asks him would Vincent do. He refuses to take this name as a first name; he would be happy if it’s a middle name. She tells him of a dream she had earlier of twins; she thinks it is her subconscious telling her what to name the baby depending on the sex. She suggest naming it Byron. Fisher likes it, and recalls reading Byron that night.

James finds Chloe at the hospital and is told of her good news; baby Olivia’s coming home. James and Chloe decide to go out for a meal and ask Irene to tag along. She says she cannot because of Joey’s behaviour. Chloe suggests bringing food; Irene states that she really wants some company. They all have their meal. She asks James about diagnosing Joey’s behaviour. He explains that it’s easy to identify a physically injured person than an emotionally disturbed person, hence psychologists tend to err on the side of caution. Irene asks Chloe should she really have take Olivia home; she cannot handle any more worry over whether Joey would harm her. Chloe says she has nowhere to go; James suggests she move into his apartment as he has plenty of room. Chloe refuses to accept it offer; Irene tries to convince her to as it’d be a huge weight lifted from her. James says Chloe is outvoted, so she accepts it. Irene returns to find her home in a mess and believes it to be Joey; she then sobs.

Sally lets Alf in a little secret; he is bemused when he discovers Russell’s true identity! He tells Ailsa of this news, to her surprise. Vinnie tries to bend a spoon by just looking at it; his attempts to find his powers fail. He hears the door closing, believing it to be Jesse. He is right, and asks him did he have an unexpected visitor. Jesse says he has had some idiot for freezer maintenance. Vinnie drops into the Diner. Both Alf and Ailsa know of Vinnie but they pretend they don’t know. Ailsa reads the stars in the paper to Alf about his good fortune. Alf returns to the Diner with his good news – he has won money on a scratch card. Vinnie realises that he has psychic powers.

Chloe moves to James’ and Irene gives her a hand. She is in the middle of her unpacking when the doorbell rings. She is surprised to see Diana. Irene tells her that she has a nerve coming here and for not having a decency to tell Chloe of Lachie. Diana has come to fill Chloe in some news. She has hoped that Lachie’s relationship with Dana would be temporary; Chloe is taken aback when she mentions that she attended Lachie’s wedding last week…

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