Episode 2554

Australian Air Date: 18th February 1999

James comforts a grieving Chloe. Has Gypsy’s drinking problem been uncovered?

Second appearance, last seen in #2541. Made an official complaint against Joel at the police station.
Warned Joel against any further control problems.
Calmed Joel down following the heckler’s official complaint.
Caravan park tourist who extended his stay much to Tom’s regret.
Netball colleague who witnessed Gypsy’s drunken behaviour.

Extended Summary

Diana says that she was invited to the wedding, because she was there; hadn’t she been there, she would not have got the invitation. Chloe pretends things are alright by saying she’s OK about the news of Lachie, but breaks down crying. Diana talks to Chloe and states that Chloe is nothing but a vague memory on his mind, and apologises for her interfering in the past. She mentions that they should stick together: Diana, Chloe, Olivia and James. James is shocked at his brother’s treatment of his family: he says he would have tripped Lachie had he been invited to the wedding. She is sad that Lachie has become a different person; they must accept the fact that they both have lost him. Diana asks Chloe of any plans for the day; she has none. Diana suggests they go to do some shopping, ands it’s her treat. After shopping, they pop into the Diner when Diana hands Chloe an envelope containing a piece of paper: she has set up a trust fund for Olivia. Chloe says it’s too much, but accepts it and thanks her.

The person Joel lost his control over at the cricket match called into the police station to make a complaint against Joel. Joel is in trouble when he is told by the sergeant that Carter is informed of his actions, and is advised to get some holiday brochures to take time off. Travis decides to take Joel for a few drinks. They return, both drunk, talking about sport. Natalie suggests that they leave it till the morning. The next morning, both Travis and Joel have hammers ringing in their heads, even at the slightest noises.

Tom has discovered that the van he is to move into is still occupied. He asks the holidaymaker; his reply is that he’s enjoying the holiday and would like to stay longer. Both Tom and Justine are disappointed about this so they decide to go into the woods, and ask Tiegan to watch out.

While no one’s around, Gypsy spends her time in the pantry, helping herself to some alcohol. Gypsy barges into the girls’ room; she is angry someone has used up her shampoo and is demanding an answer, which she does not get. She also finds Tom at Justine’s bedside. Tom’s excuse is that he is looking for something Justine borrowed, only he couldn’t find it. Before the netball game, Gypsy catches up with Tom. He smells alcohol off her breath. Gypsy asks him of his activities with Justine; she warns that she’ll tell their parents of Justine and Tom should he tell them of her drinking. Justine is surprised at Gypsy’s behaviour when Gypsy plays badly at the game; she is slurring. Natalie tells her to play properly. Justine throws the ball to Gypsy; it lands on Gypsy’s face! Justine gives out to her, as she has not even tried to catch it. At the hospital, James notices her bad breath and asks her has she been drinking. Gypsy denies, but eventually tells the truth, and pleads him not to tell her parents. He says it’s a matter for her parents…

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