Episode 2541

Australian Air Date: 1st February 1999

Justine is horrified to find Vinnie has lost the big V to Sally. Sam chickens out of a friendly challenge. Joel causes a huge scene at the cricket.

First appearance. Drunken lout who tempered Joel with his cricket abuse at Tom.

Extended Summary

Irene converses with Hayley about graffiti. Hayley says that she does not do any tagging. Irene is confused, so Hayley explains to her what she does. To show clearly, Irene asks Hayley, to her amazement, would she show Irene her paintings. Being afraid she may be told on, Hayley asks Irene not to tell anyone, especially Fisher, until Irene crosses her heart. Hayley says she has photos. She fetches them before showing her them. Irene is overcome with awe when she sees them. She says Hayley’s talent is being wasted.

Justine is in shock after seeing Vinnie and Sally kissing in the Diner. She rants on to Tiegan about Vinnie, how hard it is to believe he could be with a girl like Sally. She calls over to their place, and wishes them luck. Sally works away on her computer. Vinnie, with nothing to do, sits on the sofa, talking and making noises. Being irritated by him, she tells him to find something to do. He looks at the paper, being advised to look at the situations vacant for a job. He complains that the paper he’s reading has no horoscope. Sally asks him would he go looking for a job if the horoscope says he has a good chance of getting one.

Brian tells Sam that they have been invited to join a tagging gang. He suggests the next place for their tags. Sam isn’t too happy when he sees where Brian wants to do the tags. The place is on the side of a railway bridge. Brian shows Sam the tags on both ends, which another gang have marked. He suggests tagging in the middle. Sam is terrified by his idea, as there is high risk involved. The trains pass every 10 minutes, and there is no space between the train and the wall. They have only 10 minutes, so they wait for the next train to pass before doing the tags. After the train passes, Brian walks along the railway tracks. Sam is afraid, and pretends he has something in his eye. Brian doesn’t care about him, so goes along with some tagging on his own. At the Diner, Hayley finds Sam and asks him how the tagging went. Sam is honest with her, saying he has not done any. Hayley is impressed, and comments on how a bigger an idiot Brian is, especially when there was so much danger involved.

Will and Gypsy dance around with their stereo at full blast. Justine tries to persuade her to turn it down. Gypsy says she lives there as well, so she has a right to do whatever she likes. Gypsy says Tom and Gypsy later have a squabble. He comments on her being inconsiderate of other people in the house. She points out that he should face the fact that they would be stuck there for a long time.

It’s the day of the match. Tom is panicking when he rushes to find his balls and his suit. Tiegan and Natalie find them where he has already looked. The match goes ahead. There is a heckler having some drink. He’s shouting all the time, and he’s getting on Joel’s nerves, prompting him to throw him out. He threatened him, but lets him go – is he alright…?

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