Episode 2540

Australian Air Date: 29th January 1999

Will Irene turn Joey in to the cops? Hayley backs out of the graffiti challenge. Justine catches Vinnie pashing Sally.

Scrubbed off Sam and Brian’s graffiti tagging from his shop front.
Schoolgirl who would happily help Tom slap on some sunscreen.

Extended Summary

Hayley’s late for her meeting with Sam. She finds him waiting, and he’s smirking. She asks him what’s he’s so happy about. He points to a man attempting to scrub the graffiti off his walls. Sam persuades Hayley to do some tagging with, just to try it to see what it’s like, just once. Hayley goes home to pick up her spray cans, while Sam is in the bathroom. Irene goes into Joey’s room. Hayley hides the cans quickly behind her back. Unfortunately for her, Irene is already suspicious. Irene is very annoyed, and has a breakdown. She’s crying, and begs Hayley, making her promise not to do any more graffiti. Hayley reluctantly agrees. She tells Sam that she cannot do any tagging. Sam asks her how Irene is. She replies that Irene is on the verge of a nervous breakdown.

Irene decides to take a sickie, and calls Fisher to let him know. Hayley finds Irene up with a large bruise around her right eye. Irene explains to her how she got it, from the fridge door. Hayley believes her, warning her to be careful with the fridge. Marilyn calls over to Irene to see how she is. She sees the bruise. Irene tells her about the fridge door. Marilyn sees through her when she mentions the freezer as well. She knows Joey has hurt her and persuades her to call the police. Irene refuses to do so, and Marilyn rings her husband. Fisher calls over, telling her she has only two options – to call the police to take Joey, or to suffer, as there’s no telling what he might do next. He persuades her to call the police, for the sake of herself, Joey and the others living in the house.

Justine is feeling jealous of Tom, especially the way his admirer, Donna talks about him. Donna talks about the match tomorrow. Justine asks Tiegan what is she talking about. She is surprised to hear that there’s a match on tomorrow, as she has not heard anything of it.

Tiegan is back at school on her second day since she left the band. Fisher talks about an essay, and the work he wants his class to do. Tiegan does not have a clue, turning to Justine for answers. Justine reminds Tiegan that she was away, and they had covered that topic during her absence. She offers Tiegan the use of her notes to go over what she missed.

Jesse tells Alf the latest news about Vinnie and Sally. Alf stunned by this publication, asking how could Sally be interested in a no-hoper like Vinnie! Jesse informs him that they are coming to the Diner together later on, and suggests that they show no reaction to their relationship. Vinnie and Sally are nervous when they come into the Diner. To their amazement, and their surprise, no-one is turning heads or talking about them! Both Sally and Vinnie find this reception unusual. To get attention, he throws sugar onto the floor. It does get Alf’s response, but not the one they hope for. However, it does get the response of someone else, of which they are unaware – Justine has just walked into the Diner, discovering the identity of his mystery lover…

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