Episode 2539

Australian Air Date: 28th January 1999

Has Joey injured Irene? Hayley compromises her principles. Are Vinnie and Sally about to come out?

Extended Summary

Sally and Vinnie are still very much in love. As soon as Jesse leaves, Vinnie jumps onto Sally. She tells him to wait until his car moves, but he says time’s ticking away. Jesse comes back, dumbfounded by what he sees – they are kissing. He purposely bangs something. Vinnie quickly comes up with an excuse. Sally tells Vinnie that Jesse can work it out. Jesse is puzzled by them, asking them how long it’s been going on for. Sally tells him they have been together for eight weeks. Jesse asks why, her answer being that they may not like the reaction of some people to their relationship like the way Jesse has done. Vinnie and Sally beg him not tell anyone. He wants to watch some sport on TV, but is unable to do so as the lovers take over the TV.

James calls over to Jesse with some beers, hoping to watch TV with him. Jesse says that the TV is being used. Who’s using it, asks James, before Jesse tells him to take a look. He stares at Sally and Vinnie with disbelief, and asks Jesse are they really going out together. Jesse asks him how is his love life. James says he’s unsure. At Jesse’s question over whether the meal went OK or not, his answer is that it went well, but afterwards, it was not alright as Chloe knocked him back.

Sam realises he has been caught by Hayley. She is very angry with him. At the Diner, Sam says he likes tagging, but she says it’s disgraceful as it’s not art. She suggests that he leave his friend. They continue arguing. Sam states his reason for tagging is that he loves it, not only because it’s ugly, but it also gets up people’s noses. He says tagging is tagging and art is art, and persuades Hayley to agree to disagree, and could she please leave it at that.

Travis looks for a bread knife, but could not find it. He asks Justine of its whereabouts. She finds it, saying how similar Vinnie is when men cannot find anything! Travis points out to her that she mentions Vinnie a number of times, suggesting she may be jealous. She says she would love to know who his lover is. Travis says he may be making it up. She is unsure of whether Vinnie would do this. Justine tells Travis of how awkward it is having Tom under the same roof. Tom returns back after his cricket practice, with a beaming smile. Travis asks him of his batting average, to which Tom replies 50. Travis is impressed with this high mark. Tom heads up for a shower. Travis remarks on how amazing sport can have an effect on a person’s self esteem and confidence. He also mentions that it has a knock-on effect – you may find yourself better at other things as well.

Joey’s condition continues to worsen. Irene calls to Sally and Vinnie’s place to take him home. Joey refuses to, telling her to keep away for fear she’ll get him. Fisher and Marilyn call over to Irene’s in the evening for meal. Joey says to Irene, in front of them, that she’s out to get him. This incident leaves Irene in an embarrassing situation, and she consequently breaks down in tears after being hurt by his comments. Fisher suggests she call the police. Irene is stunned by his suggestion. He says that Joey has threatened her. He also mentions that if she calls them, he will then be taken to hospital. Irene cannot do so, as doing so would prove the truth in Joey’s opinions that she is out to get him. Joey returns from his room, listening to the voice telling him to pretend to smile to Irene, as if nothing’s wrong. She does the same, and asks him will she make something to eat. He comes behind Irene’s back, pushing her down to the ground, knocking her unconscious…

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