Episode 2538

Australian Air Date: 27th January 1999

Joey isolates himself even further. Gypsy loses her cool in class. Is Sally the jealous type? Hayley catches Sam in the act.

Second appearance, last seen in #2529. Uncovered Tom’s secret feelings for Justine.
Passed a rumour-ridden note to Jenny about Gypsy.
Spread an exaggerated rumor regarding Gypsy’s kidnap ordeal.

Extended Summary

After a six week holiday, it is the first day back to school. It’s also Duncan’s first day at Summer Bay High. He tries to get out of going to school, but Alf and Ailsa insist that he go, no matter whether he likes it or not. She hands him a new pair of Converse runners, but he shows his ungratefulness when he is complaining that he should have had them last week. Duncan is unhappy, and purposely bangs on his way to his room, provoking Alf’s anger, prompting Ailsa to tell Alf to leave him alone. At school, he seems all alone and lost. Will asks him if he’s OK, and helps him with the directions. He kids around with him about the teacher he has.

Gypsy’s looking forward to going back to school, to Tiegan’s surprise. Her excitement is that the sooner they start, the sooner they finish. Tiegan can now see her point. At the Diner, Tiegan and Justine worry about Gypsy. As soon as she enters the corridor, she feels she is the topic of conversation coming from everyone’s mouths. During a class, two girls talk about Gypsy behind her back, infuriating her. Gypsy stands up, saying angrily that they should know the truth instead of making up stories of her captivity.

Joey is getting more crazy. He bangs some wood across the door in his room. He keeps saying that if he does this, no-one can get in. After his shower, Will returns to his room to get his school uniform, only to find it locked. Joey has boarded up the door in his room. Will gets his detention just as he arrives on school grounds. Fisher refuses to listen to Will’s excuse. Joey walks in on Sally and Vinnie, saying they’re outside and they’ll be safer in the kitchen. Tiegan feels guilty about her treatment to Joey that may have caused his behaviour. Irene tells him she thought the same way as her, but also tells her that no-one is to blame. Joey is typing on his PC, and is seeing words being typed in, therefore he is seeing four lines. Irene returns from work and the first thing she does is to check on Joey. Joey sees her and goes out the door immediately. She is perplexed by his behaviour. She looks at his PC, and only sees two lines. She goes to his room, merely to check on him, but notices that the door is locked. Will suggests going around to the window. He climbs in, and is startled by what he finds in the room, not only the boarded door.

Lucas is talking to Tom about Justine, about how hot she is. He finds that Tom still has his eye on Justine when he isn’t listening to him. Lucas tells Tom that he should have told him he still likes her.

Vinnie returns home late, and finds Sally waiting up for him. She suspects he has been with some girls, but he tells her he hasn’t. She suggests they go for lunch, in the Diner. Vinnie does not like her idea, suggesting he come 20 minutes after her. She does not like his idea either, suggesting they come out, rather than keep sneaking around. Vinnie is set back by this, and they both decide to keep it quiet for a while. Joey walks in on them, and Sally rings Irene to let her know of him. Vinnie is worried someone knows something about them, and goes out to check. Sally informs him that Joey’s a changed person.

Hayley is suspicious about Sam’s activities when he says he’s going home for lunch as he left it behind. She pries on Sam and finds him with Brian in the Diner. She realises he is lying to her. She eavesdrops on their conversation there. Brian suggests they go around making the place lively with their painting. Both Sam and Brian are spraying here and there – on the walls, phone booths and windows. Hayley discovers Sam and his mate spraying paint…

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