Episode 2844

Australian Air Date: 1st June 2000

Leah meets “Kimy” – Vinnie’s other “woman”. What is the secret Shauna’s mother is keeping from her? Harry joins the fight to stop the demolition of the Drop-in-centre.

First episode. Bill’s wife. Kate’s sister. Aidan’s natural and Shauna’s adoptive mother. Was visited by a curious Shauna as to her parentage.
Foreman who Mitch pleaded with to stop the demolition of the Drop-In Centre.
Worked on the proposed demolition of the Drop-In Centre.

Extended Summary

Leah is finding it difficult to concentrate at work. Colleen asks her what is bothering her, and Leah tells her about Vinnie calling out for Kimmy. Colleen said she caught her husband doing the same thing and that he lied that it was a man and later ran off with the woman. Leah stuffs up the meals and Colleen orders her to go out and confront Vinnie.

Leah asks Vinnie is he seeing another woman. He is taken aback and asks her to return in an hour. She does so, but does not see Kimmy anywhere and demands him of her whereabouts. Vinnie tries to get her to listen and takes out Kimmy out of a paper bag – Kimmy is a he, and a teddy bear!

Harry is out for a run. He notices the old house being ready for demolition. At school, Harry tells Mitch that the house is to be demolished today. Mitch is angry and runs out, confronting the council workers. Harry joins in the protest to stop the demolition of the “drop-in-centre”. He persuades the workers to leave it until the next day.

Shauna phones her mum but she is not there. Later on, Shauna says she is getting late for work and is ready to leave, when Mrs Bradley calls at the door. Shauna introduces her to Sally and Leah and tells her she has to go to work and that they can talk at lunch.

Shauna is having lunch with her mum. Margaret asks her about Kate and whether she said anything. Shauna is suspicious of something and asks her, but gets a reply that there is no crime in her mum seeing her only daughter. Shauna has to go back to work and when she has gone, the mobile phone rings in her mum’s bag. Margaret answers the phone and says that Kate has not said anything.

Mitch, Will, Hayley and Duncan are waiting in a classroom; Harry returns and tells them that something is not right and that the council has not followed procedure, when four weeks notice is required for a demolition notice. Mitch is sure that the workers may knock the house down during the night and suggests having a sit-in. Harry tells them it is not necessary.

Duncan drops into the Diner and tells Alf that he is going to the sit-in. Alf tells him he is not going. Duncan protests, but still gets a refusal.

When Harry comes into the Diner, Alf tells him that he should not encourage kids to organise a sit-in. Harry tells him it wasn’t his idea. Alf is not happy with the plans but Harry tells him that he is glad the kids are doing something and that they are involved in the community. Duncan tells Alf that he is going to the sit-in and that it is final. Alf demands he is not to go, but Duncan tells him Ailsa would not mind him doing it for a good cause and that he has not left him any choice. Duncan says that he is doing this for Mitch and Aaron. Alf does not understand; Duncan says that they are street kids and they could have been dead like the girl who died on the beach earlier.

At the beach house, the kids are talking about the drop-in centre. Ken tells him that the community think of a drop-in centre as a drop out and think it means druggies, and rough people coming to the bay. They tell him that they want a place for kids to sleep in, unlike the girl.

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