Episode 2845

Australian Air Date: 2nd June 2000

Shauna discovers she was adopted, but doesn’t know the identity of her mother. Vinnie and “Kimy” become the laughing stock of Summer Bay, thanks to Leah. Ken checks up on Hayley at the Drop-in-centre and puts his foot in it. Duncan defies his father and joins the protestors at the Drop-in-centre.

Final episode.
Unknown character.

Extended Summary

Nick teases Vinnie about Kimmy. Hayley gives out to him for being so cruel; Nick admits it is cruel and funny.

At the Diner, Vinnie has a long face. Alf asks him what’s the matter and Vinnie tells him he had a bad hair day. Alf suggests he have Mimmy with him. Vinnie is surprised that he knows of it and corrects him on the name.

Mitch has arrived in the Diner and teases Vinnie about Kimmy. He asks him to join the sit-in in the old house. Vinnie tells him he can’t as he has plans. Mitch tells him he is afraid of the dark and teases him again about Kimmy. Vinnie changes his mind to join him and the others. Shauna’s mother returns to talk to Shauna. Margaret admits she should tell Shauna the truth, but that they should talk in private. Harry gets the message, but Shauna tells her to talk in front of him. Margaret tells her it would be complicated and Harry leaves. The truth is revealed: Shauna discovers she was adopted but Margaret doesn’t know the identity of her mother. Margaret tells her that they ‘forced’ Kate to give Shauna up because of her lifestyle. She does not know the real mother – she only knows that Kate knows the real mother. Shauna realises the reason why her father saw her differently; it was not because of her sex, but because she was adopted.

Vinnie confronts Leah and asks her who did she tell about Kimmy. He is annoyed when Colleen is one of the people she told as she is a blabbermouth.

Leah is working in the Diner when she is ranting on about herself and Vinnie; she thinks her relationship is on the rocks. Alf tells her to leave and she thinks he may be in hiding. He tells her he is with the kids as part of a sit-in.

At the beach house, the kids are preparing for the sit-in. Ken is worrying and asks do they have sleeping bags and he hopes they have one each. Later on, Ken is worrying about the kids and suggests he go over to check on them. Irene tries to talk him out of it but to no avail. She is going with him if he is going to check on the kids; he does not like the idea.

At the house, the kids hear some noises. Leah has found Vinnie and admits that it is creepy there; she has never slept anywhere like this before. Vinnie is panicking a bit and they hear footsteps. Ken and Irene see the kids safe and she asks him is he happy now. He has walked on something and hurts his foot. He screams and Vinnie attacks him, without realising who he is!

The next morning, Irene reveals that Ken spent three hours in the hospital. Hayley asks him what was he doing in the house.

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