Episode 2846

Australian Air Date: 5th June 2000
UK Air Date: 23rd July 2001
Writer: Ray Kolle
Director: Brett Heath

Will finds someone is sleeping in his bed. Leah’s brother comes for a surprise visit. Ken is angry with Irene for speaking on the radio about their past. Local opposition to the Drop-In Centre takes a nasty turn.

Extended Summary

Colleen was talking about herself in the old days and she considered she was quite a catch when she was young and talks about health fitness as she does not understand how Leah could stay trim even after eating spoonfuls of her cooking at the Diner. Vinnie asks her to go for a jog with him. She hates jogging and suggests that he come to her place and they can judge who is the fittest. Vinnie leaves and Colleen shows Leah a man who would give Vinnie a run for his money. Leah goes over and hugs him; Colleen says she did not expect her to get so excited. He is Chris, her brother who came over for a surprise visit to see his sister.

Vinnie and Leah are doing some workouts. He starts off slowly but manages to catch up. After a while, he falls down to the ground and throws the cushion to the hi-fi. The music switches to slow music and he said that it is more like it; they dance and start kissing. A few seconds later, Leah backs off, apologising a few times. He does not understand this.

Nick asks Irene whether she has heard the competition on the radio. He tells her that there is a prize of a holiday in Australia and that she should put her name down for it. She refuses to do anything with it. After Irene leaves the room, he rings and puts her name down.

Irene later gets a phone call from the radio station saying that she has been entered as a finalist and that she will be called later on air.

Leah brings her brother over to her place and tells him that there are two other girls living with her. Chris finds a shirt on the couch and she tells him it belongs to Vinnie and that they were doing a workout earlier. Vinnie comes over and spots them in their arms. Leah introduces him and Chris asks him about the shirt as if he was checking up on their behaviour.

Later on, the radio station calls Irene, asking her why she deserves a holiday. She wasn’t sure, and told of her fiancé and the problems they went through. Her final point was that they could not afford a honeymoon.

Will returns home and discovers that someone has taken a slice of Irene’s dessert. He goes into his room and finds a girl on his bed. Irene has come home and gives out to Will for taking the dessert. He tries to tell her there was a girl, and shows her into the room. Irene says she is gorgeous – the girl has already gone.

Will is cleaning up the beach along with others as part of his community service. He sees a girl who slept on his bed. He introduces himself to her, and she says she’s Sandy. She corrects him that it is not her name, when he called her.

At the Diner, Judith, Mitch, Hayley and Harry are talking about the problems and what could they do to get the drop-in centre up. Alf overhears them and warns them of local opposition. An argument erupts just as a DOCS officer enters. After they meet, the officer is listening to them talking about their plans and idea of the drop-in centre. She is brought over to the old house and discovers something disgusting on the floor. She realises there is some local opposition. She later gives them some good news – they have funding providing they find a qualified social worker.

While Irene is talking live on radio, everyone in the Diner listens to her. Ken is working away in the garage and also listens to her. Mitch and Hayley drop over and he says that it has been a good day all around. Ken storms in giving out to Irene for what she said on the radio; he says she has ruined everything he has worked for…

Guest Cast