Episode 2847

Australian Air Date: 6th June 2000

Someone’s vandalised the Drop-in-centre! Leah feels neglected by Vinnie’s growing friendship with her brother. Will’s falling for a mysterious woman. Irene tells Ken that he has to face that fact he is an alcoholic.

Will’s community service head who pulled him up over chatting to Sandy.
Local resident who opposed Hayley’s attempts at establishing the Drop-In Centre.

> Continuity error – Colleen’s maiden name is stated as O’Rourke, however it has previously (and subsequently) been established that it was Hickey.

Extended Summary

Ken is still angry with Irene over what she said while she was on air during a radio competition.

Leah is getting worried that Vinnie and Chris are getting too well. Colleen does not understand; Leah suggests she would cook dinner for them. Colleen tells her they are big enough to look after themselves but Leah points out that this way she can keep an eye on what Chris is up to and explains that he may try to get chummy with him so that he may bring her back home.

At the house on Palmer St, the kids are still working. An old man stops and gives out to Hayley for getting involved in something that would bring trouble to Summer Bay. She tries to explain to him when Mitch tells him to get a hike. She is annoyed and points out that they should try to get the locals on their side by explaining what they are doing.

Sandy was helping out at the house but leaves when Will has just arrived. He spots her and chases after her, but she was too quick; she has gone. He tells the others that it was her. Nick teases him about his invisible woman. Will stops by the Diner later and finds her there. He asks her about the book. She does not answer straight away; she keeps talking in circles. She mentions that she is reading a good book about Gypsy and hopes that it has a happy ending. He gets annoyed and pleads to her to give her back the book. When Will returns home, he moans to Irene about Sandy but she is not in the mood. He does not want to talk about Sandy or know her later and goes to his room; he finds his book on his bed, which raises a smile on his face.

Nick has discovered that someone has been in the house and shows the others where the wall was kicked into and where the fire was lit. Hayley has found an old paper under the lining; it is dated from 1959. Mitch has a glance through it with her. They find discover that the Surf Club was built then and that Colleen won a Miss Groper competition, held by the fishing industry, hence the ‘catch’ she was then.

Chris and Vinnie are talking and Chris asks him did he ever do it with Leah. Vinnie tells him he has not, but this does not convince Chris who says that he does not have to pretend and that he can tell him; he winks his eye numerous times. Chris switches the TV on and they watch a soccer match together. Leah calls over to cook dinner for them.

Ken decides to talk to Irene to sort out their problems. He nudges her awake on the couch. He tries to make her understand that he does not want the locals to know of his past. Irene gets worried instead and points out that they would always be alcoholics, even though they are off the booze. She says that she cannot accept any risk and that he should accept the fact that they are both alcoholics; if he cannot, then their wedding is off…

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