Episode 2848

Australian Air Date: 7th June 2000
UK Air Date: 25th July 2001
Writer: Leon Saunders
Director: Brett Heath

Vinnie tells Leah he can’t keep up the lie any longer. Kieran makes another pass at Gypsy. Shauna realises that Ailsa is covering up something about her mother. Ken takes a big step forward in dealing with alcoholism.

Extended Summary

Ken has still not sorted out the problem with Irene.

Ailsa returns to the Bay. Alf asks her whether she will tell Shauna the truth. Ailsa has decided not to tell her, much to his shock. She explains to him what happened during one night in her cell.

When Ailsa drops over to the Diner, Leah complains about Vinnie to Alf before saying hello to Ailsa. Ailsa is puzzled and asks what is this about. Shauna wishes to talk to Ailsa and asks her about Kate. Ailsa tells her that Kate would be the best person to talk about if it’s about school, and says that all three went together: Kate, Margaret and herself.

Chris is heading back home today. He admits that he came over to check Leah’s boyfriend after he heard that she was shacked up with a guy. He says that Vinnie is a great guy and is happy for Leah; he has invited him to the drag races next week.

Gypsy calls over to do up her room in Travis’ old house. Leah is doing some workouts when Vinnie drops by. He wants to tell her something; he takes his time which irritates her as she tells him to hurry up as she wants to make alternative arrangements. He comes straight to the point; he admits that he has lied to Leah and Chris – he carried on like he did just to impress Chris. Leah is not happy about being lied to, but is glad that he hates soccer, and makes him tell her that he really hates soccer. Vinnie has decided not to go to the drag races; he is more of a surf and sand type of guy.

Ken is busy at his garage when Nick pops by to offer him help. Ken is not convinced but shows him some work anyway. Much time later, Nick asks him about Irene and tells him that it is his fault.

A guy calls over at the garage telling him that what Irene did took guts to do. Ken does not want to hear anything and tells him he is busy; the guy introduces himself as Ross; he also tells him that he is a recovering alcoholic; he works for a taxi company and offers some work to Ken.

Ken has returned from work and Irene is glad to hear of the news and calls for a night out. She points out that they still have to talk. Ken tells him he knows this but he wants them to see something first. Later on, at Alcoholics Anonymous, Ross announces that he is a chairperson. He mentions that there is someone else at the meeting and asks Ken to speak. Ken is nervous and manages to say that he is an alcoholic, much to Irene’s delight.

Gypsy is on the phone to her mum when Joel returns home from work. He is sure Gypsy is not alright and asks her what is the matter. She does not tell him about Kieran; instead, she says that she has not spoken to her mum in ages.

Kieran calls to the old house to see Vinnie, but he is not there. He knew this, and stares at Gypsy instead. She turns around and asks him what he wants. She is annoyed with him and threatens to hit him with a wallpaper stripper if he does not leave. Despite this, he does not leave and tells her that he knows that she feels the same way for him as he does for her.

Sally is talking to Shauna, but Shauna is not listening. Sally calls her and Shauna apologises for being a million miles away. Sally talks but Shauna is not listening again. Shauna explains to her, but she does not understand. She mentions that Margaret went to a selective school and that it is impossible that they could have gone to school together. She realises that Ailsa is covering up something about her mother…

Guest Cast



Arrivals and Departures

Ailsa Stewart (Nancye Hayes)
First episode for this actor, last seen in #2838 played by Judy Nunn.