Episode 2849

Australian Air Date: 8th June 2000

Alf tells Ailsa that she will have to tell Shauna the truth sooner or later. Gypsy goes to dob Kieran in to Sally. Judith’s secret admirer is unmasked.

Extended Summary

Shauna is out for a jog with Harry when she sees Duncan at the beach. She asks him what school did Ailsa go to. Duncan does not know anything. Duncan returns home in a foul mood and Alf finds out that Shauna’s asking questions. Alf confronts her and tells her to leave Duncan alone and that she should let go of her search for her parents. She is puzzled and asks Alf how does he know that she is looking for her parents as she only told Harry and Sally.

Judith has received a bouquet of flowers. The note is not signed. Edward says it must be from Fisher. At the Diner, she asks Fisher, but he says he did not send them. Judith is convinced that Edward sent them. He did not send them at all, and draws conclusions that Joel may be Judith’s admirer. When he calls over to the caravan park, he tells him that Judith received the flowers. Joel is baffled as to what he is talking about. Judith asks Joel about the flowers and he tells her he did not send them; she is now convinced Edward sent them. Edward tells her that he did not send them at all and wonders who may have sent them. Peta smiles and he realises that she sent them!

At the Diner, Sally and Kieran meet Joel and she says that there are no hard feelings; she senses something is the matter. Joel tells her that Gypsy is not really herself and that she bit his head off at the mention of her needing a counsellor. Sally suggests that Kieran go over and talk to her as he did some counselling. Kieran has to go over to make arrangements anyway.

Gypsy calls to see Peta to talk to her and asks her about Charlie, whom she went out with before. Peta tells her to stop blaming herself for what happened to him. Gypsy asks her whether should the truth be out in the open even if it means hurting others. Peta tells her it depends on the circumstances and tells her that she can tell her. Gypsy is unsure what to do and does not tell her yet.

Gypsy calls over to talk to Sally; Sally is excited about her wedding and talks about her jewellery. Gypsy cannot bear to tell her and leaves. Sally suggests that Kieran offer her a lift, but Gypsy refuses. On her way back, Kieran is hiding behind a tree and jumps in front of Gypsy; he knows that she was going to tell Sally and asks her how can anyone believe her given her reputation. Hayley sees them together and watches them.

Shauna asks Harry and Sally did they tell anyone else about her search for parents. They tell her they have not told anyone; Sally points out that she understands Ailsa’s reason for not disclosing her past. She reveals that she killed her father and was in jail before. Both Harry and Shauna are shocked to hear of this. Shauna realises she was in jail with Kate.

Ailsa calls over to see Shauna but she is not there. Sally asks her would she like to wait. On exiting, she asks her is there anything she could do to help, and Ailsa says there is nothing she can do…

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