Episode 2850

Australian Air Date: 9th June 2000

Shauna discovers the identity of her biological mother. Alf swears Harry to secrecy about how Shauna was conceived. Shauna tells Harry she’s going to leave Summer Bay – without him.

Extended Summary

Shauna returns to her place and finds Ailsa waiting for her. She says that she has been to the library and went through the papers when she discovered the identity of her biological mother. Shauna was angry and Ailsa could not get a word in. Ailsa decided to leave and Shauna gave out to her for not thinking of anyone else.

Ailsa returned home but it is not all over. Alf pointed out that they must let Duncan know. Ailsa told her, and Duncan then asked questions about Shauna’s father. Alf suggested they leave it till later.

Shauna decides to leave Summer Bay, as Kate told her to move there to find out the truth, which she has now. Sally is disappointed and asked her to stay for her wedding, and for longer than that for Harry.

Shauna called Ailsa to find out the truth about her father. Ailsa told her and that she could not contact him as she had no contact details.

Duncan greets Shauna on the beach and tells her he is cool about her being his sister and that she would become more popular because of Duncan. He has just remembered kissing her earlier, and Shauna laughs, saying that she has not laughed for days.

Shauna has changed her mind: she calls over to see Ailsa, telling her that she is staying in the Bay. Ailsa is glad. Shauna says that she is doing this for Harry and Duncan, not her, but Ailsa is still glad anyway. Before Shauna heads out, Ailsa tells her she wants to give her something. Shauna does not want anything. Ailsa takes out a photo of her when she was four hours old; Shauna is surprised that she kept it. Ailsa gives her a hug, and Duncan enters…

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