Episode 2851

Australian Air Date: 12th June 2000

Edward gets his test results for Huntington’s Disease. Ailsa is wracked by guilt after lying to Shauna about her father. Irene thinks Mitch is setting himself up for a fall. Joel cancels his date with Judith. Sandy tells Will – don’t call me, I’ll call you.

Extended Summary

Judith phones for test results of Edward’s Huntington’s Disease, but does not get results due to confidentiality. Edward’s doctor has agreed to fly over to pass the results to a doctor close by. He has an appointment at 10:30am the next day.

Joel stops by the Diner to cancel dinner with Judith. He is busy as the Sutherlands have brought the date of their move to Summer Bay forward: they are now moving in next week. Joel asks her to pass the message to Peta so that she could clear out her stuff.

Ailsa and Shauna talk some more and they agreed to spend time apart. Mitch returns home in the middle of their conversation and Shauna leaves. Ailsa wants Mitch to know of the news and he asks what has been going on: she reveals them to him.

Mitch calls to the beach house and Hayley asks him what’s the matter. He denies there is anything wrong. She can see through him and his response is that he has heard some full-on news, and does not wish to tell them. Irene persuades him to spit it out and does not believe the news that Ailsa is Shauna’s mother. Harry tells her that it is true.

Irene is looking for Ailsa in the Diner but she is not there. She finds her at home and refuses to believe anything until she hears it from Ailsa’s lips, and asks her how did this happen and how long has she known.

In the beach house, Hayley, Edward and Peta are talking about Shauna and Ailsa. Mitch is annoyed as they are not concentrating on the budget. He says that they have 90% of the funds, and is advised by Irene to add on 25% for hidden costs. Hayley tells her there are no hidden costs and Ken points out that doing up a house always costs more than expected. Irene mentions that there is a family moving in next week and Mitch asks who are they. She says that the mother is a welfare officer and this is good news to Mitch and Hayley who wish to ask her about the drop-in centre as she is their only hope of getting any funding, even though Irene tells them they have to let the family settle down and that the mother is retired.

Alf asks Ailsa how did things go with Shauna. She feels guilty about lying to her that her father is a German medical student rather than the animal he actually is.

Duncan asks Ailsa what is happening about Shauna. He gets the feeling that she does not want to know her, and Alf tells him that it is not true. Ailsa seems to find herself without any choice and calls over to Shauna to invite her to dinner next week for Duncan’s sake.

Edward seems to be taking things calmly. Judith and Peta expected that they would be with him. He refused this as he does not want to see their sad faces and would rather go on his own. Both Peta and Judith are left wondering what is happening. Edward returns after his appointment and says everything is fine. Peta drags it out of him; he says the test results came out positive and that it is official: he does have Huntington’s Disease…

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