Episode 2852

Australian Air Date: 13th June 2000

Judith assures Gypsy that nothing is going on between her and Joel. Will accuses Sandy of stealing Nick’s discman. Edward’s bravado crumbles. Leah worries that Vinnie is too fascinated with money. Kieran and Sally write their own wedding vows – to Gypsy’s disgust.

Return episode, last seen in #507. Visited the Bay for Sally and Kieran’s ill-fated wedding.

Extended Summary

Edward decides to go over to the Stewarts to discuss plans for the drop-in centre with Mitch. Judith and Peta are shocked at how calmly he is taking his test results. Judith says that he has been living with the idea of having the disease for years and that he may actually be ready for it.

A car pulls up in the caravan park; the mystery person is not revealed as we only see his leather boots.

Peta talks to Gypsy about Edward and says that she can’t cry in front of him as he has a lot of stuff to worry about.

At the beach house, Nick keeps asking Will where his Discman is as he was sure he left it on the table. Will is annoyed and tells him that he did not touch it and that he does not care. A thought pops into his head and he runs out: he finds Sandy in the Diner who tells that he should not be following her around. She has not taken the Discman; her reason is that she does not steal from friends.

Martin Dibble is revealed as the mystery person: he walks into the house and looks around. Gypsy asks him could she help him. He introduces himself and that he was well known in the early days but she has not heard of his name.

Martin visits the Diner and finds Fisher there. Fisher is surprised to see him and asks him what is he doing. Martin is now working for a mobile car tuning business, called Mobitune. Fisher admits that he has never thought he would do so well.

At the Stewarts, Peta has called and asks of Will’s whereabouts. Edward and Mitch tell her of an imaginary girl and they laugh hard. Edward laughs so hard and breaks down in tears. Peta comforts her. Edward and Peta talk at the beach about life for him; he did not like the idea that he may never be able to think or to have any thoughts.

Martin drops into the Surf Club and greets Alf. Vinnie overhears them and asks Martin about Mobitune. Martin asks who he is. After Vinnie introduces himself, Martin now recalls Alison Patterson, a snobby cheeky girl, who is related to Vinnie. Vinnie is embarrassed and Martin asks where Sally is and Vinnie offers to take him over to his place to see her.

Gypsy is waiting when Kieran stops his car to offer her a lift. She refused his offer and gives out to him for suggesting to her dad that she needs to see a doctor. He says that she does need a doctor, in his professional view, but she says that he is the one who needs help. He says that they are both alike as they both go for it when they see something, and that he cannot help his attraction for her. She does not like hearing this and tells him that he is disgusting.

Gypsy is alone at the beach when Judith greets her. She is angry with her for moving on to Joel as her mother has not been gone long enough. Judith is upset and tells her there is nothing going on, and that this is not what she needs now.

Vinnie brings Martin over and Sally is delighted to see her.

At the Surf Club, Kieran says to Sally that he thought the reception would be in a better place than the Surf Club. Sally says it does not matter as long as they have their friends around. Everyone is preparing the place for Sally’s wedding reception. Will arrives late as he had to see Sandy. Alf asks Vinnie to keep an eye on Will and Nick, especially as Will is getting paid. Will finds a Discman in Nick’s hands and asks him where he found it. Irene had hidden it so as to teach him a lesson. Will runs out again and apologises to Sandy.

Gypsy calls at Judith’s place to apologise for her comments earlier, Judith assures Gypsy that nothing is going on between her and Joel. Gypsy talks about couples, and Judith tells her that she will find the right person, but Gypsy was not talking about herself…

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