Episode 2853

Australian Air Date: 14th June 2000
UK Air Date: 1st August 2001
Writer: David Mesman
Director: Nicky Marshall

Old friends are reunited to share in Sally’s big day. Gypsy is revolted by Kieran’s hypocrisy. Leah worries that Vinnie may go to Queensland to find his fortune.

Extended Summary

Joel asks someone could he help him: he is talking to Jack Wilson, who has come for Sally’s wedding. Jack thinks back; a flashback is shown when he smokes a cigar he robbed and coughs. He throws the cigar behind him near the caravan, which then explodes. Joel says that he must have been a terror then, and Jack admits that he was one of the toughest nuts Pippa ever cracked.

Alf is out for a walk when he sees a lady at a fence. He is glad to see Floss McPhee, also there for Sally. He asks how is Neville. Floss tells him that he passed away due to his heart, but he lived his life to the full.

In the Summer Bay House, Carly and Pippa arrive. Pippa is delighted to see Jack and admits she could not recognise him.

Lance has also arrived, and Colleen has him under her wing. Joel tells him that Martin is at the Diner, and Lance goes off.

Martin has offered to pay for a stag party. A young man comes in the girls’ apartment; Kieran introduces him as his friend, Luke, whom he said has helped him through university.

Leah asks Martin how would he employ someone if they want to join Mobitune. She does not look happy when he says that the business is based in Queensland that anyone working would have to work there as she is worried that Vinnie may go there to find his fortune. Just then, Lance shows his face in the Diner and finds Martin who has been waiting a while for him to show up. They talk about Lance’s incident in the army when he drove a tank over a car, and that Lance married the girl who was in the car. They laugh hard about this.

Shauna and Leah meet Jack, Carly and Pippa. Jack says that he was Sally’s first boyfriend. Ailsa has come and greets Pippa. She sees Shauna behind and says hello. Shauna says hi, and rushes out. This has aroused Pippa’s curiousity, and prompts her to ask has she missed anything. Ailsa replies, ‘Did you ever’.

Carly, Pippa and Sally are talking about how she met Kieran and what they did in Ireland. Sally has not told them some things – Shauna revealed had told them about her and Kieran. Sally asks Carly how is Ben. Carly says things are OK, but Pippa is not convinced. She says that he is travelling a lot and that they don’t see each other much. Pippa consoles her, asking her to talk to her whenever she wishes, reminding her that they are still a family.

Colleen asks does anyone want her moussaka. They are all puzzled and she says that she has picked tips from Leah. After she leaves, Pippa remarks how odd that Colleen is cooking foreign food! When she returns, she gets a fright. Gypsy is sitting on her own at the back door. Colleen says that she should be inside enjoying the party, but Gypsy says she would rather stay and enjoy the fresh air. Colleen serves up the moussaka, which everyone loves.

Everyone has gone to bed. Pippa thinks back to when Sally was in bed, and says that Milko is afraid of the dark. She smiles and switches off the light…

Guest Cast