Episode 2854

Australian Air Date: 15th June 2000

The wedding bells ring for Sally as she prepares for her big day. Fisher steps aside and lets two surprise visitors give Sally away. Will Gypsy let the truth be known? Hayley and Gypsy finally reconcile.

Return episode, last seen in #2351. Surprised Sally on her wedding day to give her away.
Return episode, last seen in #924. Surprised Sally on her wedding day to give her away.
Preside over Kieran and Sally’s ill-fated wedding.

Extended Summary

Outside the church, there is a lot of people gathered for the big day.

The car pulls up and Shauna and Leah exit the car. Sally appears also but we do not see her until later. Fisher brings Sally to the church entrance and says he can only go this far. Sally does not understand until Fisher says that there are two other men who deserve the honour of giving her away; at this point, Steven and Frank greet her. She is delighted to see them. Vinnie is the photographer, and keeps taking photos of Sally as she walks, he even takes a photo of her behind!

Harry arrives, and Gypsy mentions that Shauna is DDG. He does not understand, so she says that it means Drop Dead Gorgeous. Kieran is talking to some people.

At the altar, the priest comments that love is unchanged; however the vows are different – Sally and Kieran have written their own vows. They read them out. Gypsy is feeling uncomfortable. When Kieran comes to the bit about faithfulness, she can stand it no longer and shouts, ‘No!’ Joel tries to control her, and she tells Sally that she cannot marry Kieran. Gypsy tells her that he has been hitting on her since he arrived in the Bay. Sally does not believe her, and Kieran calls her pathetic. Hayley stands up to back Gypsy up; she says she saw Kieran touching her but she fought him off. Colleen says that she saw the similar incident and understands it now.

Sally demands from Kieran whether this is true – he says that it is not, and she cannot believe the town trollop. She runs out of the church, with him running after her. She again demands the truth, which he does not tell. He demands that she go back inside, and Alf asks him which part of No does he understand – the N or the O!

At the beach, Luke and Kieran are talking about what happens. Luke has discovered that Kieran has not changed; his idea of settling down is being married with a bit on the side. Steven and Frank stand behind them, saying that they have not been introduced. Kieran says he knows who they are, and Steven demands that he get up. They are ready for a fight. Luke hands Frank a beer and Frank mentions that Steven forgot to tell Kieran that he has a black belt in karate.

In the Surf Club are Alf, Ailsa, Leah and Vinnie. The food is not going to waste; instead it will be served in the Nashes. Vinnie shows Ailsa a photo of Sally as she got out of the car. Ailsa says she looks so happy. Alf comments on how he would like to handle the creep and Vinnie agrees, taking the groom off the wedding cake and throwing it to the side.

Gypsy is weeping when Hayley comes to see her, to say that she thought she was brave. Gypsy has admitted trying to tell Sally earlier but could not. Hayley says she wishes she was like her as she has more fun, and Gypsy says she wishes she was like Hayley. Gypsy apologises for calling her names; they have now sorted out their differences and Hayley comforts her.

Sally comes out of her room, and finds everyone has gone, except Pippa. She is angry with Gypsy for ruining her wedding, saying that she could have told her earlier. She is so angry that she says she really hates her…

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