Episode 2855

Australian Air Date: 16th June 2000
UK Air Date: 3rd August 2001
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Nicky Marshall

Gypsy worries that people think she encouraged Kieran. Joel worries about disturbing the ghosts in the Nash family home. Pippa has a last moment with the Ross house and her memories. Sally and Gypsy have a show-down.

Extended Summary

Joel has arranged for his mates to help him with the removals.

Sally finds Lance on the stairs of his mother’s house. She thinks back to when she cries and runs to Lance: a flashback is shown. When Lance sees Sally, he apologises for her wedding. He talks about himself and Debbie watching Shakespeare in Love when they were going through a bad patch and Beethoven, and quotes some words of wisdom from the latter film, “everything turns out right in the end”, and that he finds it true.

Steven and Frank find Sally with Lance and asks her to come to the house. They admit that it was like old times finding her with Lance. In the Nashes, Pippa, Jack, Carly, Floss, Frank and Steven are gathered around Sally, and they talk about life and the past. They also talked about love lives; and that it was a long time before Steven went together with Selina, and Frank is divorced twice. Jack was Sally’s first love, or was it? They embarrassed her when they talked about Mullet, whom she went fishing with. They even remembered Alison Patterson, who stirred up trouble in the Bay in 1988, and Sally says that she has changed as she has been in university and is now working in a radio station. Frank is teased when Carly suggests he see Alison as he always had a soft spot for her!

Sally sees Gypsy, and Gypsy puts her head down in shame. Sally approaches her, thanking her for standing up and ruining the wedding. Gypsy is surprised as she thought she hated her. Sally admits that she did at first but a few wise people changed her mind.

Jack has to leave, and he apologises to Pippa for giving her a hard time in the past. She says that she does not remember! He recalls being in bed with Sally and being caught by Michael; a flashback is shown of this scene. He says that he did try to hold onto Michael’s hand; there is a flashback of Michael in the water.

The phone rings and Sally answers. It is Ben asking for Carly; he misses her and is bringing the kids to the airport to meet her. She has to leave soon, and Floss asks for a lift, and Sally suggests she go for shopping therapy. Floss says her goodbyes and leaves.

When the house is vacant, the ghosts speak – Tom talks to Pippa about leaving the light on for Milco…

Guest Cast



Floss McPhee’s old van gave out around Moree. They sold the van to a man who tries to convince tourists that gypsies settled the local area.

Alison Patterson is in Armidale, working for a local radio station having finished university part-time.

Sandra Barlow has to change her surname after her father got out of prison. Steven Matheson did try to track her down.

Pippa Ross hasn’t heard from Lynn Davenport in years, ever since she went back to her biological family.

Carly & Ben Lucini are having marital issues due to her believing he’s neglecting their family to set up a new business.