Episode 359

Australian Air Date: 27th July 1989
Writer: Dave Worthington
Director: Julian McSwiney

Stacey has to convince Lance and Martin that the group needs another member, and Bobby receives a shock phone call.

First episode. John and Angela’s daughter. Viv’s younger sister. Was whisked away from her city home by Viv after becoming the object of her father’s abusive treatment.
First appearance. Laughed at Martin’s futile attempts to lift an anchor.

Extended Summary

Martin tries to lift the big anchor again!! Lance watches him and Martin still can’t move it!

Marilyn talks to Morag about how good it would be to be a famous singer. Marilyn is very excited about it.

Steven phones the number to Viv that he got from Dodge. Viv’s father answers and says Steven must have called the wrong number. Steven is surprised.

Viv’s father is angry with Viv and her little sister Tammy. They don’t understand what they have done to make him angry. He is angry due to the phone call from Steven.

At dinner Viv doesn’t get “permission” to eat anything. He treats Viv and Tammy very bad with his strict and insane ways of Christianity.

Stacey talks to Marilyn about being in Image with Lance and Martin. Marilyn is very excited about it and definitely wants to be a part of it. Morag tell Marilyn to think on it first before deciding anything.

Steven try to get Fisher to phone Viv to make sure she is ok but Fisher say he won’t interfere with the situation.

Stacey tells Martin and Lance that Marilyn will be a part of Image too. Martin doesn’t think it is a good idea.

When Martin try to lift the big anchor again a fisherman comes by and tell Martin that the anchor is set in solid concrete so there is no way he would be able to move it! Lance and the fisherman laughs. Martin is angry!

Viv are hungry since she wasn’t allowed to eat during dinner. She sneaks into kitchen and eats a snack.

Marilyn talks to Andrew. Marilyn wants to get back in relationship with Lance and think that being in Aimage will help her to do that.

Martin talks to Nina. When he realise that Nina is also in on the idea that Marilyn should be a part of Image too he changes his mind suddenly and say it is a great idea!

Tammy accidentally pushes a bottle of milk from the kitchen table. Reverend Newton gets angry. Viv take the blame for it. As punishment Viv have to walk to school while Tammy will be given a lift!

Viv try to get hold of Steven and phones. Bobby answers and tells Viv that Steven is out. Viv is scared stiff due to what he father will do to her. Viv say she can’t stand this anymore. Bobby wonder who it is since Viv hasn’t told Bobby it actually is Viv. Newton hears Viv talking on phone and takes the phone from her. Viv get even more scared.

Ola Carlsson, 1999