Episode 360

Australian Air Date: 28th July 1989
Writer: Dave Worthington
Director: Julian McSwiney

Carly attempts to find an investor for Image, and Steven persuades Bobby to join him on a rescue mission.

Extended Summary

Alf is in Diner with Duncan. Ailsa are working and talks to Alf.

Celia is looking forward to tomorrow when she will go on her trip to Europe.

Bobby tells Pippa about the phone call she got when Viv asked for Steven. Bobby don’t know it was Viv but she suspect it could have been Viv.

Bobby try to get Fisher to ring Viv to see if she is ok but Fisher won’t do that since he strongly believe her shouldn’t interfere.

Carly is jealous of Marilyn because she is a part of Image.

Viv’s father has locked her into the cupboard again. She is asleep when he opens the locked door. He wakes her up by pouring water over her face!

Viv is upset and scream that she hates him. He locks her in again. Viv screams and cries and is hysterical.

Carly try to persuade Morag to invest in Image since Nina told Carly that there would be a job for her but only if they could afford it from other investors. Morag hates the idea and say definitely no!

Adam is looking for a job.

Bobby is tired of Carly sneaking out of her shifts at times while she are working in the Diner. Carly went out during shifts to try to find another investor for the Image project.

Bobby tells Steven about the strange phone call she got.

Steven tries to get Fisher to act because of the call that must have been from Viv. Fisher says he can’t do that since they aren’t sure the call was from Viv. Steven is convinced it was from Viv anyway.

Tammy comes home from school and notice that Viv is locked in cupboard again. Tammy gets very sad. Their father is out so Viv tell Tammy to open the locked door so Viv can get out. Viv have bruises on her face and is terrified. She phones Steven and he will meet her at post office near where Viv lives. She says she has to get out of the house before her father comes back home.

Steven tells Tom and Pippa about it but they can’t see how serious the situation really is. Steven will go on his own to meet Viv even though he is still grounded.

Carly asked Tom to be sponsor of Image but her says no.

Steven asks Bobby to help him by driving him to get Viv. Bobby says ok.

Bobby and Steven come to Viv’s house. Viv’s father opens the door and says that Viv isn’t there. Steven goes inside anyway and say he won’t leave until he has seen Viv.

Ola Carlsson, 1999