Episode 358

Australian Air Date: 26th July 1989
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Julian McSwiney

Dodge does Steven a very good turn, and Marilyn could be the answer to Nina’s problems.

Schoolgirl who asked Steven where Viv was.

Extended Summary

Sally is in panic since she fell into the water and got dragged out by waves. Dodge rescues her. Sally cries heaps.

Dodge carries Sally home to Tom and Pippa’s house. Tom and Pippa get Sally to calm down.

Martin tells Lance that he is interested in Nina and thinks that she is a lovely lady!

Martin tries to lift the big anchor as usual but without success of course!

A girl asks Steven where Viv is. He say that she have moved out of Summer Bay.

Dodge tells Tom and Pippa that he stole the car that Steven took the blame for. He explains Steven didn’t have anything to do with the car actually. Pippa and Tom are very surprised.

Dodge says that if they can forgive him for something serious like this then he will never lie to Tom and Pippa again.

Dodge talks to Steven. Dodge says he want to change him and become a better person.

Nina, Stacey and Carly come to Lance’s place. Martin and Lance is home. Martin tries to impress Nina and do a lot of training on his exercise machines!

Tom and Pippa want to inform the police that Dodge stole the car and that Steven was innocent. Steven hear about it and get angry and say he will still say that he did steal the car since he are worried Dodge will have to go to jail otherwise.

Pippa talks to Sally. Pippa say Dodge asked for another chance to make things go right in his life and become a better person. Sally still doesn’t like Dodge but agree to give him another chance. (Emotional music plays)

Nina comes up with a name for Lance and Martin in the rock star business. Their name will be “Image”. Lance and Martin agree to it.

Steven still thinks a lot about Viv and wants to find out where she lives.

Dodge will help him to find Viv. He phones a church and talks with a faked accent as if he is from England. He say he have just arrived in Australia and lost Reverend Newton’s address. Dodge manages to get the phone number to Reverend Newton!

Dodge gives Steven the number to Viv’s father where Viv are living. Steven is very surprised how Dodge managed to get the number.

Nina tell Carly that there won’t be an assistant-job for her with Image if they don’t find another big investor to support the project. Carly are very disappointed since she thought she had the job already.

Nina see Marilyn in Diner and wants her to be a part of Image together with Lance and Martin! Nina wants Marilyn to be the lead singer!! Marilyn is very surprised.

Ola Carlsson, 1999