Episode 357

Australian Air Date: 25th July 1989
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Julian McSwiney

Dodge’s charm appears to be waning, while an innocent trip to the beach puts someone’s life in danger.

Extended Summary

Steven is convinced that Viv’s father forced Viv home even though she said otherwise. Tom and Pippa don’t think Viv’s father forced Viv home.

Steven asks Bobby if she was the one that told Fisher the truth about Viv a while ago. She explains to Steven that she didn’t tell Fisher deliberately. She explains that she just didn’t lie when Fisher asked her questions about Viv. Steven gets a bit upset. Steven is sure that Viv’s father treats her very badly but Bobby doesn’t agree with him since she doesn’t know how it really is.

Steven tells Dodge that he is fed up with him getting in trouble all the time and all his carry on. Dodge tries to get Steven back on side anyway. Dodge tells a sob story that Steven is the only real friend he ever had. After a while Dodge are friends again with Dodge.

Sally still hates Dodge as usual.

Pippa ask how Steven will find money to pay for the 500-dollar fine for the car theft. Pippa tell Steven he has to earn the money by himself somehow.

Celia decides to go on a trip to Europe. Alf is shocked about it. They have a long talk about it and Alf is ok with it after he understands how important it is to her.

Steven wonders how he will find the money to pay for the fine. He talks to Dodge about it. Dodge says it will be ok. Dodge will help Steven and say it is a piece of cake to get the money for the fine!

Stacey tells Bobby that there won’t be much work for Carly in Lance and Martin’s “rock star project” together with Nina and Stacey.

Dodge follows Sally when she is at beach to look for shells for her school project. He apologises to her for all he have said to her etc. She still says that she hates him. Sally falls in water when she talks to Dodge and collects shells at the same time. Waves in the water drag out Sally. Dodge sees it. Sally screams and is very scared.

Ola Carlsson, 1999