Episode 356

Australian Air Date: 24th July 1989
Writer: Elizabeth Coleman
Director: Julian McSwiney

Celia faces a new lease of life, and Viv’s worst fears are realised.

Second appearance, last seen in #355. Credited for no appearance.

> Viv’s mother “died” when she was 6 years old (this is later revealed in #543 to be a lie perpetrated by their father)

Extended Summary

Lance comes to school to give Viv a lift to his place.

Steven behaves like Dodge and is cranky at Lance. He says Lance is only trying to crack onto Viv.

Viv’s father Reverend Newton talks to Fisher and Viv in empty classroom. Her father put on an act and seems very friendly and kind.

Fisher sends Viv outside and speaks alone to Reverend Newton.

Adam tells Bobby that he don’t like working in the Diner and he wants to quit. They talk about it on beach and Bobby is ok with that.

Viv listens outside the door to the classroom where her father and Fisher are talking. Her father tells Fisher a lot of lies. Viv get scared and runs out of school. She tells Steven that her father is in school to get her and take her home. Viv wants to run away but Steven say they should speak to someone about the problems instead.

Steven and Viv talk to Andrew Foley about her father and how he really treats her at home. Andrew will try to help her.

Fisher and Viv’s father notice Viv is gone and looks for her at Lance’s place but she is not there. Reverend Newton is a bit shocked of Lance’s behaviour. Lance tells them he doesn’t know where Viv is. Fisher tells Lance that Reverend Newton is Viv’s father. Lance doesn’t like him since Lance knows what he used to do to Viv when she was living at home.

Fisher and Reverend Newton go over to Tom and Pippa’s house. Viv isn’t there either. Pippa is fooled by Newton’s nice act just as Fisher is.

Fisher and Newton find Viv in Andrew Foley’s office in the Diner. Andrew explains to Viv’s father that she wants to be placed in a foster home. Viv’s father acts as if he put Viv’s best interest at heart and he say he can’t force her to come home. He says it is ok with foster care if that is what she really wants.

Andrew talks to Viv and her father in his office. Fisher is also there. Viv is very scared of her father. Viv explains how bad her father really treats her. She explains that he locks her into a cupboard under the stairs etc to punish her. Her father acts as if she is lying.

Her father phones to his house and speaks to Viv’s little sister Tammy. He let her speak to Viv since he knows Viv will return home when she hears how scared and sad Tammy is. Tammy cries and begs Viv to come home to help her (their father treat Tammy as bad as he does with Viv). Viv cries and say she will comes home to look after Tammy. (Emotional music)

Viv tell Steven it all was a mistake what she said about her father and that she is going home now and that everything is ok. Steven does not believe her and try to get Andrew and Fisher to understand but it does not do any good.

Celia is in a good mood. She has changed her mind and says she wants to open a new store with Alf as partner. Ailsa think it is great that Celia is in a good mood again.

Andrew Foley talks to Fisher. Andrew is worried that they didn’t do the right thing when they let Viv home with her father.

Viv and her father come home. Her father have organised so Tammy is sleeping at some other place for a few days. He locks Viv in cupboard under the stairs just as he used to do. Viv is scared stiff.

Ola Carlsson, 1999