Episode 355

Australian Air Date: 21st July 1989
Writer: Mary Dagmar Davies
Director: Riccardo Pellizerri

Martin’s marketing concept is rejected and Viv’s past catches up with her.

First episode. Viv and Tammy’s overbearing and abusive father. Angela’s ex-husband. Nasty religious minister who tracked his eldest daughter down in Summer Bay.
First appearance. Schoolboy who found Steven’s car-stealing practice cool.
First appearance. Schoolgirl who chatted to Viv.

Extended Summary

Viv and Lance is in Diner talking about Dodge. Lance doesn’t like Dodge and all the trouble he usually is in.

Bobby says to Steven that she is convinced he can’t have stolen the car. Steven insists that he really did steal the car.

Martin continues his weight lifting training to be able to win the bet with Stacey to lift the heavy anchor.

Martin shows Lance and Viv a poster of how he wants his and Lance’s rock star image to be. Dressed like strong primeval! Viv laughs when she hears about it!

Lance and Martin show their primeval image ideas for Stacey, Nina and Carly. Lance and Martin are dressed in leopard-tangas and big wigs and swings a big club! Stacey and Nina smiles as they watch it. (Very funny scene)

Fisher tells Viv that her previous school records haven’t arrived to him yet. And he have talked to the school she said she went to before she came to Summer Bay and they said they haven’t heard of Viv and that she have never been in that school so Fisher suspect Viv is lying.

Fisher asks Bobby if she knows if Viv really is Lance’s cousin. She says she promised not to say anything about it (Bobby know that Viv isn’t really his cousin).

Nina tell Martin and Lance that the image she is after is a softer and more romantic image instead of their primeval image! Martin says that he gets the idea.

When Lance and Martin is on their way home they are still dressed in their silly outfits! Fisher is out driving and sees them and stops his car. They ask for a lift but Fisher says no and they have to walk home.

Steven gets popular among some school kids since they heard of his trial. They think it is a cool thing to steal cars etc.

Martin comes into Diner with a tape recorder with romantic music playing. He is nicely dressed and tries to be romantic to impress Stacey with the new image. He has flowers for Stacey too. Bobby and Carly laughs. (Funny scene!)

Bobby offers Adam a job in the Diner and Adam help out in Diner.

Fisher talks to Viv. He knows she is lying about her previous school etc. Fisher sort of knows she is a runaway. She suspects Bobby must have told him. She tries to explain.

Viv’s father (a reverend) turns up in school. Viv is shocked to see him there and Fisher is very surprised. Viv is scared of her father since she is on the run from him.

Ola Carlsson, 1999