Episode 354

Australian Air Date: 20th July 1989
Writer: Mary Dagmar Davies
Director: Riccardo Pellizerri

Celia reacts unfavourably to Alf’s generous proposal, and the Fletcher household will face a new regime as a result of Steven’s behaviour.


> One week passes between #353 and #354.

Extended Summary

(One week later)

Steven’s trial is today. Dodge tells Steven not to worry since it is Steven’s first offence.

Sally doesn’t want to go to school because the kids at school give her a hard time because of the “troubled” family she is living in. Pippa tell her she has to go to school anyway.

Carly have made breakfast for the Fletchers.

Bobby comes over to Tom and Pippa’s house to see how Steven is.

Sally is worried Steven might go to jail after the trial but Tom say that can’t happen to first offenders.

Viv hates the idea that Steven takes the blame for Dodge since it was Dodge who did steal the car and had the accident with it.

Carly asks Morag what she think will happen to Steven after the trial. Carly are worried about it. Morag talks to her about it.

Alf have an idea to open a new store with Celia. Celia gets paranoid and think he is after her insurance money!

Sally talks to Ailsa. She is very worried Steven will end up in jail. Ailsa try to make her realise it won’t be that bad.

Sally gets angry with Viv. She says it is Viv and Dodge’s fault that Steven is in court. Sally knows that Steven wouldn’t steal a car.

Celia talks to Ailsa. Celia is depressed and feels neglected by everybody somehow and feels that her life is empty. (Emotional music plays)

Steven, Tom and Pippa have been in court. Steven got 2 years probation and a 500-dollar fine.

Tom tells Dodge and Steven that they must have separated bedrooms from now on. Tom says Dodge is a bad influence on Steven. Tom is angry. Carly have to share room with Sally from now on so Dodge will be taking over Sally’s room.

Ola Carlsson, 1999