Episode 353

Australian Air Date: 19th July 1989
UK Air Date: 26th June 1990
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Riccardo Pellizerri

Dodge tries desperately to rebuild his low stocks with the Fletchers, and Steven drops a bombshell.

Yabbie Creek policeman who queried Dodge about a stolen-car accident.

Extended Summary

Tom have changed his mind about Dodge somewhat and tell Pippa they should give Dodge a fair go.

Dodge and Steven meet Viv on their way to school. Dodge is in a very good mood today.

Dodge jokes with Viv and steals a book for fun from her for a while. Fisher sees it and is angry. Steven takes the blame for Dodge. Dodge is grateful to Steven.

Ailsa is in Alf’s store with Duncan. Ailsa talks to Alf.

Steven hasn’t done his homework assignment. He blames it on Phil’s death. Steven say he hasn’t got over Phil’s death yet and thereby can’t concentrate so good on school work. Steven has to stay behind after school hours and do the assignment then instead.

Ailsa is at Tom and Pippa’s house with Duncan. Pippa and Ailsa talks about Dodge and about how Tom could change his mind about Tom so quickly. Christopher is playing with his toys.

Dodge tries to convince Steven to skip school and not stay behind to do the school assignment after school. Dodge will be spending time with Viv and skips school. Steven follows his example and don’t bother to stay behind after school to do the assignment. Steven goes home instead. Fisher notice Steven isn’t staying behind after school hours.

Dodge breaks into a car and “borrows” it! He drives the car and Viv are in the car with him. After a while of fast driving Dodge crashes into another moving car. Afterwards Dodge and Viv is k. The other driver seems to be in worse condition. Dodge drives off in a hurry with Viv.

Dodge and Viv goes over to Lance’s place after they have dumped the stolen car. Viv is very worried about the whole situation.

Steven is out walking and finds the car that Dodge dumped.

Two cops come to school and talks to Fisher. They tell him about the car accident. The cops explains that the other driver in the accident saw a school kid driving the other car and had a Summer Bay High schoolbag in the car.

Fisher tells them that the only one he can suspect of it must be Dodge.

Cops speak to Tom and Pippa. Tom gets annoyed and feels everyone is picking on Dodge without proof.

Dodge walks in and understand what is going on. He denies the whole thing and says that he was studying Shakespeare with Viv all afternoon.

Steven hears about the car accident from Alf.

Steven walks in as cops talks to Tom, Pippa and Dodge. He takes the blame for it all and say that Dodge is innocent. Steven says that he was the driver of the car! Tom and Pippa are shocked. Dodge smiles!

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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