Episode 352

Australian Air Date: 18th July 1989
UK Air Date: 25th June 1990
Writer: Alister Webb
Director: Riccardo Pellizerri

Tom and Pippa face their first failure, and Andrew makes Marilyn face a few home truths.

Second appearance, last seen in #324. Tried to help Martin in the rescue of a stranded Marilyn.

> Dag Dog’s trainer is credited as being Ian Townsend.

Extended Summary

Dodge and Steven come home from school. Dodge call Sally squirt as usual.

Celia talks to Alf about the 250 000 dollars she got from the insurance company for her store that vanished up in flames.

Martin is climbing up to rescue Marilyn. A lot of people are down below on ground to see what is going on.

Andrew comes to the scene as well. Marilyn wants him to rescue her instead of Martin. Martin is scared of heights so Andrew climbs up to rescue Marilyn. After a while he is up on the top where Marilyn is. Marilyn is very scared of the height of the building and she has definitely changed her mind about suicide. (Bluesy rock music plays)

Sally has noticed that Dodge didn’t do his homework for school. Dodge threatens Sally that Dag Dog will be “Dead Dog” if she ever dobs him in. Sally says she hates him and that everyone was happy before he came to live with them. Dodge is upset and grab her arm and she say he is hurting her. She agrees not to dob him in.

Pippa comes down and ask what Sally and Dodge are talking about. Dodge says he will continue to do his homework. He says he was just down for a snack. Pippa aren’t sure that is the truth. Sally lies and agrees with Dodge that he told the truth.

A sky lift helps Marilyn and Andrew down from the high building.

Andrew talks to Marilyn in his office. He is angry with her for climbing up the building and threatening to commit suicide. Marilyn cries since she is obviously depressed. (Emotional music plays)

Tom tells Pippa about Marilyn up on the building.

Pippa tell Tom she sense there is something wrong between Sally and Dodge.

They talk to Dodge, Sally and Steven about it. Dodge says it is nothing wrong between them and Sally say the same thing since she are scared of Dodge’s threats.

Martin wants Lance to do weight lifting etc as Martin does. Lance isn’t interested in that and says no.

Sally comes over to Lance’s place. She says everything is awful. After a while Pippa comes over and Sally and Pippa talks outside. Pippa ask her if Dodge have threatened her. She says no and then starts crying. Sally say: “Stop it!” and then runs off.

At night, Pippa and Tom talks about Dodge. They are worried since it is obvious something is wrong between Dodge and Sally.

Next day Martin tries to lift the big heavy anchor without success as usual!

Steven tells Dodge not to push Tom and Pippa too far since they might not want to keep Dodge if they have enough.

Dodge understands the situation and talks to Tom. Dodge says he can leave if Tom and Pippa want to. Tom is very surprised.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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