Episode 351

Australian Air Date: 17th July 1989
UK Air Date: 22nd June 1990
Writer: Anthony Ellis
Director: Riccardo Pellizerri

Celia becomes unreasonably distraught, and Marilyn discovers a new way of getting Andrew’s attention.

Third appearance, last seen in #268. Taunted a waitressing Carly.
Vicki’s bitchy schoolfriend.
Delivered Celia’s cheque from the insurance company.

Extended Summary

Celia is very worried about Marilyn, as she lies unconscious at Morag’s floor. Celia can’t get into the house so she breaks up Morag’s door to check if Marilyn is ok. Marilyn lies on floor and seem to be in bad shape.

Celia phones an ambulance.

After Celia understands Marilyn have taken sleeping pills she phones Andrew and say that Marilyn have taken an overdose of sleeping pills.

Andrew comes over to Morag’s house in a hurry. Celia and Andrew try to get Marilyn to wake up. Morag comes home and see it all.

Morag find out that Marilyn only could have taken 2 sleeping pills so there is no serious damage.

After a while Marilyn wakes up. She talks to Morag. Marilyn didn’t know it was sleeping pills. She explains she thought it was headache tablets. (Classical music plays)

Fisher is out working in garden and talks to Bobby. She feels a bit troubled mainly because of Frank and also because she get pretty bored to be stuck working in Diner all the time.

Marilyn phones Andrew and thanks him for rushing over like he did when he found out she had taken the pills. (Split-screen footage of Andrew in first screen and Marilyn in second).

Martin comes over to Stacey when she just has woken up. He tells her about an idea he have for the superstar business. His idea for it is that he and Lance will be strong primeval guys with real rock music and lots of chicks in leopard-skin bikinis on stage! Music video-style footage is shown with music and Martin singing and playing guitar! The song is called “Primeval Man”. (Very funny scene!)

Celia cries and feels that she is messing everything up. Fisher cheers her up.

Marilyn phones Andrew again. He says he thought she tried to kill herself and that’s the reason he rushed over to her in Morag’s house earlier. So now he feels she doesn’t really have to talk to him again since he doesn’t feel that strongly for her as she does for him. (Split footage is shown again of the conversation)

Carly tell Vicki Baxter and Vicki’s friend Sharon that she will be an assistant with Stacey and Nina in the superstar business. Vicki doesn’t believe Carly.

Celia got insurance money for her store that burned down. Celia got 250,000 dollars from the insurance company! She received the good news in a letter delivered by a postman.

Marilyn is feeling miserable and is up on a high building. Martin sees her and get worried. She says Andrew must come to talk to her or she will jump down!

Ola Carlsson, 1999