Episode 350

Australian Air Date: 14th July 1989
UK Air Date: 21st June 1990
Writer: Carla Kettner
Director: Russell Webb

Lance is forced to tell his mother the truth, and Marilyn sees Andrew in a new and different light.

Final episode. Headed up to Cairns to stay with her sister.

Extended Summary

Martin try to lift the big anchor again and still can’t move it. He won’t give up anyway.

Colleen find out it was Lance who dumped Marilyn and not the other way around as Lance and Marilyn told her. Colleen is very angry at Lance and yell at him while Martin is training with his exercise machines and drinking beer at the same time!

Stacey tells Carly that she agreed to be business partner with Nina. Carly is thrilled about it since Carly will be their assistant. Tom tells Carly that she must not forget to work in the Diner as well. Carly is confident it will work out ok.

Colleen forgives Marilyn since she now knows that she didn’t dump Lance. Marilyn and Colleen talks a lot again.

Martin is continuing his workouts. This time he uses beer cans as weight lifters and uses a carton of beers on stomach to train his muscles. (Funny scene!)

Stacey tells Lance and Martin about Nina’s ideas to make them superstars. They say they aren’t really interested in that even though Martin looks interested. They are just playing it cool.

Marilyn is still in love with Andrew. She thinks the reason he doesn’t love her is their counselling sessions together.

Stacey tells Nina that Lance and Martin don’t seem interested in their ideas.

Celia asks questions about Viv. Colleen isn’t all that friendly to Celia.

Nina try to persuade Lance and Martin into her and Stacey’s ideas. Martin is very interested in becoming a superstar but Lance doesn’t like it.

Andrew tells Marilyn that he will never be interested in her in the same way that she cares for him.

Andrew will let Celia take over as Marilyn’s counsellor instead.

Marilyn takes some sleeping pills that belong to Morag. There is a warning sign on the pills too.

Colleen tells Lance that she can be his business manager in Nina and Stacey’s superstar offer. Lance feels it is a good idea and agrees to become a superstar!

Lance tells Stacey, Martin and Carly that he will sign the superstar contract! They all are very happy about it.

Celia finds Marilyn lying on the floor in Morag’s house. Marilyn seems unconscious.

Ola Carlsson, 1999