Episode 349

Australian Air Date: 13th July 1989
Writer: Carla Kettner
Director: Russell Webb

Colleen is shocked to learn the truth about her son, and Stacey makes an executive decision.

> Colleen’s sister is Patricia Turner (nee: Hickey) who lives in Cairns.

Extended Summary

Tom is very angry at Dodge and Steven since he know they lied about staying out camping in the bush when they actually went to the city to party and have fun.

Steven admits to Tom that both times they were “camping” they were in the city.

Tom grounds Steven and Dodge until further notice.

Colleen feels very sorry for Viv and all she have been through. She signs a paper as Viv’s guardian and enrols Viv in Summer Bay High.

Dodge is angry at Steven for telling Tom the truth about the city trips.

Morag tell Andrew that Marilyn think that he is in love with Maz. Marilyn is in love with Andrew. Andrew is worried about it.

Andrew talks to Stacey about the problems with Maz.

Viv comes over to Tom and Pippa’s house. Steven and Dodge tell her that they are grounded.

Andrew talks to Maz. He doesn’t tell her that he is not in love with her since he knows Marilyn will be hurt about it.

Viv meet Marilyn and they get on well together.

Andrew realise he have to tell Marilyn the truth. Andrew says to Marilyn that he is not in love with her. Andrew get very surprised since Marilyn say that she know they are just friends and nothing more!

Fisher welcomes Viv to Summer Bay High. They talk in his office.

Steven and Dodge sneak out with Viv even though they are grounded. Steven is very worried about it and persuades Dodge they should go inside again since he knows there will be hell to pay if Tom finds out.

Stacey tells Nina that she will be her partner in her business idea to turn Lance and Martin into superstars! Andrew is very surprised how she changed her mind about it since she wasn’t interested at all in Nina’s idea at first.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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