Episode 348

Australian Air Date: 12th July 1989
Writer: Bruce Hancock
Director: Russell Webb

Colleen’s attitude comes as a big surprise. Tom realises Steven and Dodge have lied.

> Colleen still shares her house with Walter Bertram.
> Bob Barnett is still the local police sergeant.

Extended Summary

Adam and Bobby suspect it must have been Revhead that destroyed Adam’s boat. Adam and Bobby are very angry.

Steven, Dodge and Viv speak to Colleen.

Lance tells Andrew and more people that ask who Viv is that she is his cousin.

Andrew meets Viv and say hello to her.

Marilyn phones the Diner. Adam answers the phone. Marilyn is asking for Andrew but when Andrew find out Marilyn asked for him he hurries out since he don’t want to speak to her at this moment since she talks so much to him.

Martin continues to try to lift the big anchor at beach. He still can’t move it one bit.

He continues to train with his exercise machines since he are determined to win the bet with Stacey.

Lance tells his mum Colleen that Viv is a street kid and that she got nowhere to live. Lance actually knows that Viv have a father that treats her very bad and that she can’t go back there. Lance told Colleen that Viv is a street kid just so Colleen won’t hassle Viv to go back to her father.

Lance tells Colleen they will pretend that Viv is his cousin. Colleen don’t like that idea and get angry.

Colleen speaks to Viv. She tells Colleen the truth about her father that he hits her and locks her in a cupboard etc.

Colleen feels sorry for Viv and agrees to play along with the idea that Viv is Lance’s cousin.

Martin find out that Viv will be living with Lance and him.

Tom and Pippa are worried about Steven’s change in attitude since he started to spend time with Dodge.

Steven is doing much less studying etc.

Sally is still very convinced that Viv can’t really be Lance’s cousin. Sally speaks to Tom and Pippa about that but Steven and Dodge convinces them that Viv is Lance’s cousin.

Viv slept in Lance’s bed and Lance slept out on sofa. Viv wakes up and make bacon and eggs for breakfast for her and Lance and Martin. Viv is wearing t-shirt only and Martin and Lance checks her out!

Tom talks to Fisher about Steven. Fisher says that Steven’s schoolwork has dropped. Tom wants Fisher to keep an eye on Steven. Steven had skipped school yesterday with a false note saying that Steven was sick. The note was written as to look as if Tom wrote it. Tom is very surprised since it is so unlike Steven to do something like this. Tom and Fisher are convinced Dodge is a very bad influence on him.

Tom speaks to Steven and is angry with him.

Tom is in a very bad mood and is on his way home. He sees Lance at a road working with the other road workers.
Tom asks him about Viv. Lance says she is living at his place for the time being. Lance explains about what a hard life Viv have lived and that Steven and Dodge met her in the city last weekend.

Tom say that can’t be true since Dodge and Steven was meant to be out camping then. Lance gets worried and changes his mind and says that they met Viv in the bush instead!

Tom gets even angrier and continues to drive.

Ola Carlsson, 1999