Episode 347

Australian Air Date: 11th July 1989
Writer: Bruce Hancock
Director: Russell Webb

Viv realises she’s made wrong decision, and Celia blames herself for Duncan’s illness.

Ratty homeless lady who helped a forelorn Viv.

Extended Summary

Celia feels miserable since Ailsa accused her of Duncan’s illness. Alf talks to Celia and say that Ailsa really didn’t mean what she said.

Viv are in a park and meets a homeless woman there. She gets angry with Viv since Viv was sitting at “her” bench in the park but calms down after a while.

Viv talks a lot to the homeless woman and they get to know each other. She let Viv sleep in the park in an empty cardboard! Viv had a hard time to get any sleep.

Alf and Ailsa find out in hospital that Duncan will be ok. They get very happy about it.

Viv are broke and still out in park. The homeless woman eats food from garbage bins! Viv lost her appetite and realise what a hard life the homeless have.

Adam comes into Diner at early morning for breakfast.

Viv phoned Steven from the city. She asks for help. Bobby will help Steven to get Viv from the city with Bobby’s car.

Steven and Bobby come to park and see Viv and her homeless friend. Viv say goodbye to her. Viv follows Steven and Bobby to Summer Bay in Bobby’s car.

Bobby think Steven and Viv should tell Tom and Pippa the truth about Viv and make them realise Viv needs help. Viv don’t want to do that since she is scared what will happen and she can’t go back to her father since he treats her very cruel.

Steven agrees with Bobby that they should tell Tom and Pippa about it but Viv won’t agree with them.

Bobby notice that Steven are changed since he started to spend a lot of time with Dodge a while ago. She is convinced Dodge is a bad influence on him. Pippa can’t see that and think there is nothing to worry about.

Dodge and Steven takes Viv to Lance’s house but Lance’s mum Colleen is there.

Adam gives Bobby flowers. He tells her he will sail to Queensland now.

Bobby and Adam notice someone has wrecked his boat.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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