Episode 346

Australian Air Date: 10th July 1989
Writer: Mary Dagmar Davies
Director: Russell Webb

Sally becomes suspicious about Steven and Dodge’s new friend, and the cause of Duncan’s illness is discovered.

Ignored Alf’s insistence that Duncan was in a serious condition.
Informed the Stewarts about the cause of Duncan’s illness.

Extended Summary

Dodge and Viv are in Tom and Pippa’s house. Dodge gives her an ice cream.

Alf, Ailsa and Celia take Duncan to hospital.

Dodge and Viv dance in Tom and Pippa’s house. Dodge put his hands on her bottom while they are dancing. Pippa and Sally come in and see it.

Lance will let Viv stay at his place for the time being. He are ok with the plan that he will tell everyone that Viv are his cousin so no one get suspicious about who she really is.

When Steven, Dodge and Viv come to Lance’s place Viv say she can’t go through with this plan that he will pretend she are his cousin. Viv goes out.

Duncan is in intensive care at the hospital. Ailsa is very worried for him and it is obvious all this made her realise she really do care for Duncan after all.

Sally talks to Viv in Diner. Sally tells Viv that she doesn’t like Dodge and that he is no good.

Viv wants to go back to the city instead of being in Summer Bay. Steven doesn’t think it is a good idea.

Dodge takes some money out of a jar in Tom and Pippa’s house. No one notice it.

Sally sees Viv at a bus stop. Sally is pretty sure she isn’t really Lance’s cousin. Viv try to deny it.

Duncan is in very bad shape in hospital and can die if things go bad for him. Ailsa cries a lot and hug Alf in hospital. Ailsa say she loves Duncan.

The reason behind Duncan’s illness is some sort of allergic reaction but the doctors aren’t sure what it is yet.

Pippa find 10 dollars missing from the jar. She wonders who have taken it.

Sally talks to Lance about Viv. Lance says she really is his cousin but Sally doesn’t believe him.

Viv is in a park reading a newspaper she found in a garbage can. A guy sneaks up and steals her purse.

The doctors finds out that Duncan might have got the allergic reaction from the dress he wore at christening due to combination of the cleaning fluid used to wash it and the chemicals in the plastic the dress was stored in.

Duncan’s condition is really critical. Ailsa is devastated and blame Celia for it all since she was responsible for the dress Duncan wore at christening.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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