Episode 194

Australian Air Date: 13th October 1988
UK Air Date: 9th November 1989
Writer: Dave Worthington
Director: Chris Adshead

Steven is concerned about Carly’s well-being. Meanwhile, someone breaks into the Macklin office, stealing Stacey’s cheque book.

Twenty-fifth appearance, last seen in #187. Took a passing interest in Gary Samuels.

Extended Summary

Bob Barnett’s son, Craig, falls asleep in the classroom.

Fisher reckons that Jeff is pushing the sport class too hard in his training classes.

Colleen makes plans for how she will run the shop with Martin and Lance. Celia doesn’t like her ideas.

Gary goes to Stacey’s office and asks for work. Stacey can’t find a job for him.

Alison, who works in Stacey’s office, offers Gary coffee; as there is no sugar left, she goes out to buy some. Gary is left alone in the office. He copies the key to the safe in the office and leaves a window half-open too and he looks in Alison’s file as well! Alison comes back with the sugar and Gary acts innocently and drinks the coffee. He invites Alison to have dinner at Jeff’s house, where Gary lives at the moment. She is excited!

Jeff bosses Craig around during the training and trains him as hard as Jeff trained Steven a while ago.

Alison is over at Jeff’s house and spends time with Gary. They have dinner together.

Gary pretends that he has psychic abilities and that he can read her mind. He says he knows her telephone number, which he memorised earlier from Alison’s file in the office. He then tries to guess the code to the safe in the office to try to get Alison to tell him the right code unintentionally. They are about to kiss and he stops to say that he needs to prove his psychic ability first and after a while, she tells him the code!

At night, Gary goes in through the open window in Stacey’s office and opens the safe. He steals a cheque book. Gary types out a letter on the typewriter to a mate in the city. He will send the cheque book to him along with Stacey’s signature on a paper so they can forge the signature and use the cheques.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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