Episode 195

Australian Air Date: 14th October 1988
UK Air Date: 10th November 1989
Writer: Greg Stevens
Director: Chris Adshead

A smooth talker charms several Summer Bay residents, but not everyone falls for his tricks.

Served Carly and Gary French champagne on their dinner date.

Extended Summary

Neville asks Floss to be in the Fun Run. She won’t hear of it!

Phil has been out running for exercise.

Phil is a bit jealous since he thinks that Stacey is in a relationship with Jeff.

Gary talks to Carly. He asks her to have dinner with him. She says she has to think about it.

Gary phones Alison. He says they he can’t see her tonight like they planned.

Stacey notices a letter is missing from the office. She asks Alison if she has seen it, but she says she has not. Alison looks through the trash to see if the letter was accidentally thrown.

Carly tells Alison that she is going out with Gary tonight.

Sally thinks Gary is good looking. Tom and Pippa are shocked!

Phil asks Alison out to dinner in front of Stacey, trying to make Stacey jealous. Alison says yes even though he thought she would say no, and he is troubled!

Gary and Carly are out at the restaurant together. They have a good time. Gary asks Carly over to Jeff’s house after dinner for a night-cap. Carly is worried she won’t get home on time, but he promises her she will get home on time. She seems to like Gary. (Emotional music plays) She goes home with Gary after dinner. They drink wine and he says she’s beautiful. They kiss and he wants to go further but she says no. She comes home late a bit drunk.

The next morning, Sally goes to school and Carly has a hangover. Pippa talks to Carly about the fact that Carly’s drunk.

Phil is out with Alison; he is having a boring time, but Allison enjoyed it!

Stacey tells Frank and Alison that the company cheque book is missing from the safe in the office. They are both suspected since they are the only ones that Stacey has given the code to.

Ola Carlsson, 1999

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