Episode 164

Australian Air Date: 1st September 1988
UK Air Date: 28th September 1989
Writer: Dave Worthington
Director: Gaye Arnold

Bobby goes on a date with Brett Macklin.

Return appearance, last seen on video in #162. Appeared in a dream of Bobby’s.
Final episode. Moved back to the city following Alan’s death.

> Alan’s stunt-double is played by Craig Stephen in this episode.

Extended Summary

Nev and Floss are at the caravan park house, having babysat for Sally, when Frank, Carly, Bobby and Steven arrive home.Frank has been asked by Tom and Pippa to spend the night there to keep an eye on the others.Carly and Bobby tease him about tucking them up before heading upstairs to their room.Carly says that Bobby seemed to spend a lot of time with Frank at the wake and Roo looked jealous.Bobby thinks that Frank was just being nice to her.

Downstairs, Frank asks Steven what it was like kissing Alyce.Steven says it was all right but he’s having a hard time living up to his new reputation and, although Alyce isn’t stupid, they didn’t really have anything in common.He’s beginning to suspect he’d rather date someone he could talk to like he could Sandra. Bobby comes down and Frank persuades Steven to go to bed.Steven goes to Carly’s room and tells her what happened;they both think there’s something going on between Frank and Bobby.Downstairs, Frank again tells Bobby she seems different.She agrees what happened with Alan has affected her but she doesn’t feel different.Frank asks her to go to a movie but she says she’s busy with the store and homework and suggests he goes on his own and tells her what it’s like.Frank explains he meant a date but Bobby thinks he’s only asking her because he feels sorry for her and storms out, saying she can’t handle him acting like that again.

During the night, Bobby has a dream where she’s on the beach with Alan, watching him surf.He comes over and kisses her but then turns into Frank.She pushes him off and storms away, the words of their argument echoing in her head.Carly wakes her up and asks her what she was dreaming about but Bobby says she doesn’t remember.Next morning, she is working at the store but seems distracted, giving Floss change for twenty instead of ten.She notices Brett browsing for chocolate nearby and reminds him that he asked her out for dinner, asking what he’s doing that night.Brett says he’s busy but suggests they have a picnic that afternoon.Bobby agrees and he arranges to pick her up at one o’clock, after her shift.

Don goes round to Barbara’s to help with clearing up after the wake.Barbara has a go at him for not coming.Don says he sat outside in his car for an hour and saw everyone was enjoying themselves just like Alan wanted.He didn’t come in because he knew that, given how all the teenagers in town view him, they wouldn’t have been able to enjoy themselves if he was around and he would have spoiled it.They finish the tidying up and Barbara says she’s got in touch with a friend about Alan’s book and he’s put her in touch with a publisher and entered it in a literary competition.Don tells her he’s going to miss her and apologises if he’s made things difficult, saying it’s just the way he is, and asks her to give his love to Rebecca and tell her he’ll call her.Barbara says that she didn’t want to come to Summer Bay when the department first assigned her there but she’s glad she did because she’s realised she still loves Don even if she they can’t live together.They hug each other goodbye.

Floss is getting the house organised for Tom and Pippa coming home and assigns Sally and Nev to the washing up.The others come down and she tells Steven to take the rubbish out, Carly to do the laundry and Frank to do the vacuuming while she sorts out the beds.Frank asks Carly if Bobby’s angry at him, explaining how he asked her out.Carly says that if he’s still insisting they’re just good friends it’s not a surprise.When Frank has finished vacuuming the landing, he goes into the girls’ room where Floss is making the beds and tells her that a mate of his, Wayne, has asked out a girl who’s been mad about him for ages but she just got angry.Floss suggests that the girl has probably liked him for a long time but buried her feelings and started dating other guys, which made his mate look at her in a different way.But the girl thinks he’s just trying to cheer her up because some bad things have happened to her lately and so she’s angry with him for dredging up all the feelings she buried.She suggests that his mate takes the girl for a walk on the beach and explain his feelings…and since she finishes at the store in ten minutes Frank had better hurry.Frank rushes down there, only to see Bobby driving off with Brett.

Back at the house, Frank complains to Carly, Steven and Sally, who are making a banner.Carly thinks he’s jealous and asks why he was at the store but Frank says he just doesn’t see why Bobby would date a jerk like Brett and heads upstairs.Sally asks why Frank’s angry since he’s not Bobby’s boyfriend.Carly says that’s probably the problem and she and Steven laugh.Brett and Bobby are having their picnic under a tree.Brett puts his arm around her but she pulls away, saying they’ve got all afternoon.Brett tells her to relax and kisses her and they lie back down on the rug.

Barbara is waiting for her taxi when Ailsa turns up, saying she doesn’t want anyone to know she’s back in town.She was hoping to stay there and Barbara says it will be all right and Celia would be glad to have someone keeping an eye on the place.Ailsa explains she’s been asked to be Christopher’s godmother so she’s back for the naming ceremony.Barbara tells her that Alf’s the godfather and Ailsa realises someone is matchmaking.Ailsa is annoyed because Pippa said he wasn’t going to be there but Barbara tells her about Alf drowning his sorrows the previous night.She hears her taxi outside and says a quick farewell, leaving Ailsa the keys.

Brett is still kissing Bobby and seems to want to get intimate.Bobby pushes him off, saying she’s wrecked something she’s been waiting for for ages.Brett thinks it was going okay but Bobby says she wasn’t talking about him and walks off.At the house, Steven, Carly and Sally are hanging the banner saying “Welcome home, Christopher” while Frank looks depressed.Bobby comes home and Frank has a go at her for going out with Brett.Carly says that Tom and Pippa don’t want to walk in on a fight.Bobby agrees and tells Frank to go upstairs with her.Once in her room, she asks him if he’s jealous and says she went out with Brett because she had a problem that she needed to take her mind of, then kisses him.She says it took her a long time to get him out of her system and if he lets her down again he’ll be sorry.Frank kisses her back and they hug and smile.