Episode 165

Australian Air Date: 2nd September 1988
UK Air Date: 29th September 1989
Writer: Dave Worthington
Director: Gaye Arnold

Bobby and Frank admit their feelings for each other.

Extended Summary

Floss walks out the caravan when she sees Tom and Pippa arrive home with Christopher. She calls Neville and they run towards them. In the house Carly, Steven and Sally see them arrive and run outside. Frank and Bobby are up in Bobby’s bedroom and they discuss as whether not they should make their relationship public. They decide that they’ve got thing to sort out before then and decide to keep it quiet for the time being whilst keeping up the act that they are still having a fight to the rest of the kids. Downstairs everyone crowds around Pippa and Christopher excited at the new arrival to the family. Carly asks to see Bobby and Frank out in the hall. They walk out into the hall where Carly tells them that their bickering is going to spoil everything. When Carly returns to the family, Bobby and Frank giggle.

Colleen and Narelle are holding fort at the general store. Colleen tells Brett and Roo that she feels that she shouldn’t be at the shop, she should be over at the Fletcher’s helping Pippa settle in to being a mother. Colleen talks about the trials of being a new mother. Brett tries to hurry her in to making their coffees and when Colleen goes away, Roo makes jibes about what a good job Colleen had done with Lance. Brett then talks to Roo about his date with Bobby.

Over at the Fletcher’s, Frank has been asked to go get some nappies, but says that he’ll feel like a fool asking for a pack of nappies. Tom suggests that Frank drives and Bobby buys and the carry on their bickering facade as Frank drags Bobby out the room. Ailsa comes back to the bay to see Christopher and tells Pippa that she knows that Alf is the godfather. She tells Pippa that she still will be the godmother, but not to think that it will get her and Alf back together.

Frank and Bobby arrive at the shop. Whilst they are at the counter they get into another argument and pour their milkshakes over each other. Narelle chases them outside and turns the hose on them, saying that she had told people that they were going to get together. Frank and Bobby decide to tell Narelle that they are together and Narelle is all excited.

Pippa and Ailsa are still at the house, when Alf can be heard drawing outside. Ailsa tries to make a quick getaway, but it’s too late. Alf walks in. Pippa leaves them in the room together, in the hope that they will sort things out. They get into an argument and then Sally walks in the middle. Ailsa says her goodbyes and leaves. At the Stewart’s, Ailsa comes around to collect the rest of her clothes. Roo removes a photo of Alf and Ailsa and replaces it of one of Alf and Martha. When Ailsa comes through, she and Roo have their usual friendly conversation with Roo pleased to see the back of Ailsa.

At the Fletcher’s, dinner is being eaten and Bobby tells everyone how her mum used to give her cabbage to eat for dinner. Frank jokes that if perhaps she had eaten her greens when she was a bit younger she would have grown a bit taller. Tom wants to know whats gotten into Frank and Bobby.

Alf is going to the golf club dinner and Roo says that she hopes that he finds a nice woman and that Ailsa has snooped into the house during the afternoon. Alf tells her that

Bobby and Frank are in the store having a cappucino by candlelight on the floor saying how this is the only place they won’t be sprung. Ailsa comes around thinking that they are some burglars in the store and Bobby and Frank decide to tell her that they are going out.

Brett comes around to see Roo and he tells her that he doesn’t want Ailsa around whilst the Macklin’s are trying to push the development through. Roo tells Brett that Alf and Ailsa are Christopher’s godparents and they are going to be at the christening all day tomorrow. Brett says that they can’t have that and Roo says that they are going to need to find a way of stopping Alf going to the christening at all.

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