Episode 166

Australian Air Date: 5th September 1988
UK Air Date: 2nd October 1989
Writer: Neil Luxmoore
Director: Mark Piper

Ailsa tells Bobby the truth about Graham. Roo’s latest scheme backfires when she goes into labour.

Fourth appearance, last seen in #159. Checked on a deceptive Roo during her pregnancy ‘scare’.
Oversaw Christopher’s naming ceremony.

> Christopher’s middle name is Daniel.

Extended Summary

Christopher is crying during the night and Tom leaves Pippa to get some sleep while he and the children take him downstairs to calm him. Just as they seem to be getting him settled, with help from Floss, Martin and Lance turn up outside making a noise. Tom drags them inside and tells them to get Christopher to sleep. To everyone’s astonishment, Lance turns out to be a natural with him.

Tom, Pippa, Floss and Neville prepare the house for the christening. Pippa hopes Ailsa can make it, not only because she is Christopher’s godmother but also because it would get her and Alf together and give them a chance to talk.

Alf and Roo are going to the christening. Roo is afraid Ailsa will show up and doesn’t want Alf to talk to her, doesn’t want to risk them starting to make up. As they are collecting supplies for the naming ceremony at the store, Roo hatches a plot – doesn’t want to risk Alf and Ailsa chatting so she grabs her stomach and moans in agony saying there’s something wrong with the baby. Alf panics and decides to take Roo to hospital.

Colleen tells Ailsa what has happened but, although she’s sympathetic towards Roo, she’s glad she won’t have to see Alf. She tells Colleen that the only offers she has had for the store were from front men for the Macklins, who she thinks will demolish it. Ailsa goes to the Fletchers and Bobby hears her and Pippa discussing the fact that Graham is a brother. Ailsa tells Bobby he is a Christian brother and she will tell her the whole story later.

A celebrant is conducting the service, since Tom and Pippa want Christopher to make his own religious choices when he’s older. Alf has phoned to say he can’t make it so they go ahead without him.

At the hospital Roo has to keep up her act of being in serious pain. The doctors rush her to a ward for a check up where she is concerned to hear that even though nothing is wrong with the pregnancy her blood pressure is up because fooling Alf is making her tense. Brett turns up and Roo chides him for being there when no-one called him, worried Alf will rumble their plan.

The christening is a happy occasion. Bobby and Frank are continuing to hide their relationship, although Ailsa knows. Bobby reminds Ailsa she promised to tell her about Graham.

Brett is with Roo and Alf at the hospital and is organising a celebratory drink in anticipation of the baby. Roo suddenly experiences a real pain in her womb. She screams and tells Alf to get a doctor. Once they are alone, Brett laughs but Roo tells him it’s for real – her hyperventilating has pushed her blood pressure through the roof and kick-started her labour and she’s going to have the baby right now!

Thanks to Derrick M. Domican.