Episode 167

Australian Air Date: 6th September 1988
UK Air Date: 3rd October 1989
Writer: Neil Luxmoore
Director: Mark Piper

The Macklin family converges on Summer Bay for the birth of Roo’s baby.

Fifth appearance, last seen in #166. Assisted in preparing for the birth of baby Martha Stewart.
Third appearance, last seen in #146. Visited the hospital for Martha’s impending birth.
Was brought to Summer Bay by Gordon in case of an emergency.

Extended Summary

Ailsa tells Bobby the whole story about Graham, that he was her boyfriend when they were at school and he visited her every week when she was in prison until she told him to stop. When she got out, she went looking for him but he had already committed himself to the church.

Alf holds Roo’s hand as she goes through labour. She knows the baby will be premature now and could be in danger, and it will be her fault for bringing it on. Brett calls Gordon to tell him what’s happening.

At the christening, Frank and Bobby take a moment to announce they are now officially an item. Tom and Pippa are happy for them. Ailsa tells Bobby and Pippa she’s leaving tomorrow to live in Sydney for good. She has some loose ends to tie up before she goes. Bobby goes outside with Ailsa and Ailsa wishes her happiness with Frank. Bobby tries to get Ailsa to go and talk to Alf but she won’t. Bobby thinks she’s holding out because she thinks Graham will leave the church for her.

Ailsa is finishing things off at the store when Celia comes in, having just arrived in town. She wants to talk to Ailsa about her split with Alf but Ailsa puts her off by telling her Roo has gone into labour. Celia rushes to the hospital and insists on going in to see Roo. Celia faints and has to be wheeled out on a trolley.

Gordon arrives at the hospital, Brett is super-excited about becoming a dad. Gordon wants to have Roo flown to a private clinic in the city but Alf and Doctor Bruce won’t let him and even Brett says it isn’t what Roo wants. Roo is in heavy labour now and she shocks Alf by calling out for Frank. She tells her dad she still loves him and as soon as she has the baby she’s going to do whatever she has to to win him back.

Thanks to Derrick M. Domican.

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