Episode 168

Australian Air Date: 7th September 1988
UK Air Date: 4th October 1989
Writer: Galia Hardy
Director: Tina Butler

Bobby is jealous when Frank is called to the hospital to comfort Roo.

Fourth appearance, last seen in #167. Left in a huff after learning of Martha’s sex.
Nineteenth appearance, last seen in #161. Hassled Bobby over her romance with Frank.

> Martha is born at the end of this episode, but not seen until #169.

Extended Summary

Steven and Bobby come home from their early morning run. Carly complains about them making noise while she’s trying to study for her exams. She takes her bad mood out on Bobby, saying she obviously didn’t care about Alan if she’s now with Frank. Later, at school, Alison pours scorn on Bobby’s new romance. Worried how Donald will react if he hears, Bobby goes to see him and tells him she and Alan were only friends but she did care about him.

Alf and Celia are looking after Roo at the hospital. The labour is taking a long time. Doctor Bruce thinks they might have to do a caesarean but Roo doesn’t want to be left scarred. While Alf is talking to Bruce, Roo persuades Celia to phone Frank. She calls him at the Macklin office and asks him to come to the hospital. Frank goes to the school where Bobby and the rest of the class see him but Donald doesn’t. Bobby asks to be excused and Frank tells her he’ll only go to the hospital if she’s all right with it. Bobby decides to go with him.

Bobby and Frank arrive at the hospital where Brett and Gordon are waiting. Frank goes in to see Roo and holds her hand, comforting her. She tells him she wishes the baby was his. She seems to calm down and Bruce says the baby is ready to be delivered. Frank leaves and Roo asks Alf and Celia to come in but Brett has to wait outside. Bobby goes back to school where Alison has told Donald she went off with Frank and he gives her a detention.

At the hospital, Gordon is hoping the baby will be a grandson, an heir to the family business, and Brett is hoping the same to please his dad. Bruce comes out to tell them Roo had the baby – and its a girl. Gordon is shocked. He didn’t want a girl – he looks at Brett nastily and scoffs at him. He tells Brett he is an idiot he couldn’t even get this right. He walks out of the hospital. And Brett is devastated.

Thanks to Derrick M. Domican.

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