Episode 169

Australian Air Date: 8th September 1988
UK Air Date: 5th October 1989
Writer: Susan Hore
Director: Tina Butler

Alf heads off for a break in Tahiti.

First episode. Ruth and Brett’s daughter. Alf and Gordon’s grandchild. Seen from birth.
First episode. Gordon’s daughter. Brett’s elder sister. Entrepreneur who visited Summer Bay to take over control of Macklin Head Office from Brett.
First appearance. Showed Roo her baby.

Extended Summary

Alf and Celia are worried that Roo doesn’t seem to want to see the baby and is talking about giving her away. Alf persuades her to go with him to see her and her mood changes almost instantly. Roo decides to call her baby Martha, after her mum.

At the Fletchers, Steven is surprised when his uncle Phillip arrives. He’s finished his medical course and is back for a holiday. Narelle learns Philip is back in town and decides to try and impress him by going to work at Alf’s store wearing a revealing outfit. Celia, who is looking after the store while Alf is with Roo, is horrified and makes her wear a fisherman’s raincoat and hat over it. She is mortified when Philip sees her in it.

After sitting alone on the beach, Brett turns up drunk at the office and has a go at Frank. He tells him he doesn’t care about him or the Macklins and wouldn’t mind if a bomb wiped out the lot of them. He sits in the office after hours with a bottle of whiskey and gets drunk on it.

Philip visits Frank and Narelle in the flat behind the store. He’s planning to stay in town for a few weeks and asks if he can rent Martin’s old room. Narelle is pleased – she fancies him rotten and her ulterior motive for having him there is so she can seduce him! Frank tries to dissuade her. Steven and Philip are home alone. There’s a knock on the door – a beautiful blonde who’s car has broken down outside. She needs help. Philip is smitten with her. He offers to try and help.

Alf tells Celia their mom and dad want him to go to Tahiti for a break, to clear his head of all this stuff with Ailsa. Alf wants to go but he’s worried about Roo. Celia says she will look after her and Martha. Alf asks Roo about it. Roo encourages him to go – get him far away from here before Ailsa does try to talk to him about their relationship. Alf is worried about her building up her hopes so he tells her about Frank and Bobby. She pretends it doesn’t matter.

A nurse finds Brett in with baby Martha. He talks about how parents are supposed to protect their children and love them. The nurse asks if he’s anything to do with the baby but he says he isn’t. He sits in the corridor outside crying.

Thanks to Derrick M. Domican.