Episode 170

Australian Air Date: 9th September 1988
UK Air Date: 6th October 1989
Writer: Susan Hore
Director: Tina Butler

Narelle continues to pursue Philip, but he is far more interested in Brett Macklin’s glamorous sister, Stacey.

Second appearance, last seen in #169. Refused Brett entry to see Martha.

Extended Summary

Steven and Philip go to Floss and Neville’s van to borrow a jack for the woman. While she’s waiting, Lance and Martin pass by and tell her they’ve got a jack. They give her a lift back to her car. Philip follows and offers to help but she manages to change the tyre by herself.

Frank finds a drunk Brett in the office and helps him upstairs. When Frank is tidying up, the woman Philip met arrives and explains she is Stacey Macklin, Brett’s sister. Why is she here? Because Gordon sent her. He’s kicking Brett out as manager of the project and putting Stacey in charge instead! Frank likes her.

Stacey goes to the school to meet Donald and try to convince him the project is a good thing. Steven listens in to the conversation and tells Philip. He goes to see her claiming he wants to open a surgery in the development but she just gives him a prospectus. Narelle asks Lance and Martin to help her pick out an outfit to impress Philip but they just use it as an excuse to eye her up. Philip moves into the flat and Narelle greets him, all dressed up.

Brett is shocked to find Stacey in the office and that Gordon wants him to go back to the city instead of staying with Martha. Stacey is sorry for him, but not so sorry she would refuse the position. This is the first time her dad has ever givenher anything serious to do and she’s going to use it to prove women can be successful in business too. Brett packs his personal things but is determined to survive without Gordon. He goes to the caravan park and rents out a van.

Thanks to Derrick M. Domican.