Episode 171

Australian Air Date: 12th September 1988
UK Air Date: 9th October 1989
Writer: Ray Harding
Director: Chris Adshead

Stacey confiscates Brett’s company car. Meanwhile, a cheat destroys Bobby’s chances of exam success.

Extended Summary

1 week later.

Lance and Martin are surprised to see Brett staying at the caravan park. They think they can take the opportunity to ask him for a job but Steven and Bobby tell them he isn’t working for the Macklin corporation anymore. Later, Lance and Martin drop by Brett’s caravan to try and cheer him up.

Roo arrives at school. It’s the first day of the mock exams for the HSC. Carly is fretting about her geography test, she doesnt have a clue. Bobby seems confident though, says she has it under control, shes been studying hard all week. She gives Carly some quick grinds before the test. Roo tells Bobby she’s heard about her and Frank and thinks he’s only going out with her because he’s sorry for her after Alan.

Stacey goes to the caravan park to see Brett and tells him he can only beat Gordon by proving himself at business. Brett still refuses to go home so Stacey takes his company car back. Brett goes to the hospital where Martha is still being looked after because she was premature and tells the nurse he’s her father. She still won’t let him see her because he’s drunk.

Lance and Martin go to the Macklin office looking for information on their investment. Frank and Stacey get rid of them by giving them the “important” job of watching the non-existent ducks at the development site. Frank meets Carly and Bobby from school after their first exam. They have chemistry in the afternoon and Carly is even less confident about that.

Later, at school, the test is over. Bobby is happy, says it was easy and she’s sure she aced it. Carly isn’t as upbeat. When all the kids have left the room Don is tidying up and he notices a bunched up pile of paper on the floor by Bobby’s desk. He opens it up – it’s Bobbys handwriting and its a sheet of cheat notes. Donald calls Bobby into the office where he finds Bobby’s test paper and marks it with a big 0%

Thanks to Derrick M. Domican.

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