Episode 545

Australian Air Date: 25th May 1990
UK Air Date: 27th March 1991
Writer: Dave Worthington
Director: Tina Butler

Grant tries to persuade Sophie to enter the Amateur Talent Night. What has Emma’s mother done to make her feel so unloved?

Extended Summary

Alf checks Emma has had chickenpox and asks how long she’s visiting for. Emma reveals she’s back for good because her mother is a selfish cow. Alf is surprised; he thought everything was rosy and wonderful when she left. Emma bites his head off and goes to her room.

Pippa sends Sophie upstairs to write her poem and asks Steven if he wants to talk about Viv leaving. Steven is happy for Viv but doesn’t want to never see her again. Sandra Barlow promised to keep in touch but only ever wrote three letters. Pippa talks about how she wrote to Tom every week when he was in Vietnam. It depends on how much you care about the person.

Emma doesn’t want to eat her breakfast the next morning. Alf asks if she wants to talk about whatever happened with her mother but Emma tells him to stop hassling her. Alf suggests she could help Pippa at the store today. Emma wants to see Adam first.

Grant arrives at Summer Bay House as Steven is leaving to say goodbye to Viv, and Pippa gets off the phone from Adam who is insisting on coming to clean the house! Sophie appears and Pippa isn’t impressed that she still hasn’t written the poem. Pippa leaves and Grant tells Sophie he’ll give her a hand with the poem.

Emma comes to see Adam at the beach house. She tells him her mum’s boyfriend was still hanging around and things were worse than ever. She clearly wants to talk but Adam has got to go and clean Pippa’s house for free in hopes that she becomes a permanent customer.

Steven arrives at Donald’s where Tammy is excited about going clothes shopping with her mother before they leave. Angela tells Viv she doesn’t have to come, and so she and Steven go off to say goodbye to each other.

Grant reads Sophie’s poem, “Why do boys all play the fool?” He thinks it’s fantastic. Adam arrives and Grant tells him Pippa said not to wreck the joint!

Steven and Viv go to the Diner and Viv thanks Bobby for not telling Donald about them going to the city. Bobby and Viv say goodbye to each other.

At the store, Pippa lectures Emma over her shelf-stacking and her attitude. Steven and Viv arrive for Viv to say goodbye to Pippa. Viv tells Emma all about her mum but Emma has a huge chip on her shoulder and sarcastically says anyone who lets their kids believe they were dead for years can’t be bad!

Grant has got his guitar and is putting Sophie’s poem to music. Sophie is impressed. Grant tells Sophie to try and come up with another verse while he goes and gets them some lunch.

Back at the store, Pippa takes Emma to task about being rude to customers and to Viv. Emma says she was just trying to make Viv see that things don’t always turn out the way you want them to. Pippa tells her to leave and come back when she’s in a better frame of mind.

With the house to herself, Sophie grabs a hairbrush for a microphone and practises her song. Grant returns and overhears. He tells Sophie that was terrific and she has to do that at the amateur night but Sophie runs to her room.

Angela, Viv and Tammy are getting ready to leave when Emma arrives and apologises to Viv. They hug and say goodbye and Emma leaves. It’s time for Viv and Steven to say goodbye. Viv is tearful and they kiss. Steven decides he will go to the station with her.

Pippa visits Alf and tells him she ran out of patience with Emma. Alf wishes he knew what’s wrong with her. He’s tried calling Bridget but there was no answer.

Emma is at the beach house kissing Adam. She pushes him away as she wants to talk… so Adam promptly starts talking about his day! Emma has a go at him for talking about himself and storms out.

Donald and Steven report to Bobby at the Diner that the Newtons got off OK. Bobby encourages Steven to get his license so he can visit Viv and offers to let him borrow her car.

Emma returns to the house and breaks down. She tells Alf that her mother used her; everything she said was lies.

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Final episode.

Final episode.

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Final episode.