Episode 544

Australian Air Date: 24th May 1990
Writer: Lyn Ogilvy
Director: Tina Butler

Steven is deflated when he realises Viv will live with her mother in the country. A relative’s unexpected arrival is the finishing touch to a very eventful day for Alf.

Extended Summary

At the beach house, Matt is on the phone to Alf, who is reminding him there is a delivery of frozen food coming in. He asks Adam for the keys to the store but Adam thought Matt had them. In the city, Steven and Viv are leaving his friend’s house. Viv assures him she had a good time and doesn’t regret anything. At the Fisher house, Don and Bobby are still trying to come to terms with Angela’s appearance, since they were told she was dead. Helen says she was told the same but when she checked Viv and Tammy’s file there was no mention of it and so she did some digging. Angela says she had no idea where the girls were to get in touch with them. She asks Don where they are. Don looks awkward.

Adam and Matt have turned the beach house upside down looking for the keys, while trying to remember where they last saw them. Matt thinks they should retrace their steps but Adam thinks they haven’t got time, since they need to open the store. He suggests they ask Marilyn for her keys. They head round the Stewart house, pretending they’re there to check on Alf. Matt drags Marilyn out of the room and asks for the keys but she thinks she gave them to them already. Alf orders the pair out to open the store.

Don and Bobby are making tea in the kitchen. Don is worried: Explaining where Tammy is will be no problem but he doesn’t want to say that Viv spent the night in the city with her boyfriend. They go back through where Angela is still asking to see the girls. Bobby suggests that Tammy’s closer and it might be easier to see her first but Angela thinks it will be better if she sees Viv first, since she’ll take it better and could help explain things to Tammy. At that moment, Steven and Viv return and Viv is shocked to see Angela. Helen leaves the room as Angela explains Newton must have found it easier to tell people she was dead than admit his wife walked out on him, although she feels guilty for leaving her children behind. Viv says it doesn’t matter now. Bobby heads out as Angela explains she lives on a lavender farm. Viv explains about Tammy staying with Sally and they decide to head round and see her. Viv invites Steven along but he says he’ll stay. Once Steven and Don are alone, Don notes Steven has some explaining to do. As Viv and Angela walk to the caravan park, Angela explains she had a breakdown because of the way Newton treated her and ended up in a hospital with depression, then in a refuge, and didn’t have any way of caring for the children. Viv assures her she doesn’t bear a grudge.

Matt and Adam are at the Diner, where Adam is on the phone trying to get a locksmith. He says they can’t get anyone until three. Matt remembers the frozen food delivery. Bobby offers to let them store it in the freezer at the Diner. Adam and Matt hurry to the store and find the delivery on the doorstep. The ice cream has melted but the rest of it is still mostly frozen so they rush it to the Diner.

Pippa is brushing Tammy’s hair. Tammy goes upstairs as Viv and Angela arrive. Viv tells Pippa that Steven is at hers and explains who Angela is. Tammy comes back down and Pippa makes herself scarce. Tammy looks wary of Angela. Viv and Angela explain that she’s their mother and that what their father told them wasn’t true. Tammy doesn’t really remember her. Angela hugs Tammy, who looks slightly scared. Meanwhile, Don is having a go at Steven for spending the night with Viv. Steven promises it won’t happen again but Don says that’s only because he won’t have the opportunity. Steven thinks that Viv won’t have to go now, since she was only leaving to look after Tammy and now Angela can do that. Don thinks they should wait and see.

Pippa goes to the store and finds it closed. Marilyn is sorting through her bag and finds her key to the store, telling Alf she has to go out. Pippa arrives and wonders why the store’s closed. Alf is puzzled; he rings the store but there’s no answer. He is annoyed that Matt and Adam aren’t there so Pippa offers to look after it for him. Marilyn ties a head scarf around herself to hide the spots and heads out but Alf asks her for her store keys first. He insists on going with Pippa to see what state the store is in. Marilyn heads back to the beach house looking for Matt and Adam. She trips over some of the mess they made while searching the place and finds the keys lying next to her.

Matt and Adam finish putting the store’s stock in the Diner freezer. Adam suggests they break into the store and tell Alf they went out to get some supplies and disturbed someone breaking in when they returned, so Alf can claim off the insurance. Matt isn’t sure but can’t think of a better idea. As they leave, Bobby gets a call from Marilyn and tells her what the boys are planning. Alf and Pippa arrive at the store and head out the back to check on things. Adam throws a brick through the window and opens the door from the inside. He and Matt are horrified when Alf and Pippa come through. Adam tries to cover, saying they saw someone throw a brick through the window as they arrived, but then Marilyn arrives saying she’s found the keys and don’t need to break in. Alf orders all three of them out. They head back to the beach house, blaming each other for what happened. Marilyn is upset that she seems to have lost her job, despite Matt assuring her Alf will blame him and Adam, and says they’ve got the rent to pay and will probably have to pay to fix the window with hardly any money coming in. She heads upstairs in tears, telling them to clear up.

Don and Angela are making lunch. Don notes Steven and Viv have become close and it’ll be hard for him when she leaves. Angela thanks Don for looking after the girls but Don says Viv’s like family. Tammy calls Steven and Viv through for lunch. Angela tells Steven he’ll have to come and visit them and suggests he comes next school holidays. Viv asks Steven if he’ll come. Steven agrees but looks disappointed. At the Stewart house, Alf is on the phone to Ailsa, moaning about his day and how he’s fed up dealing with people. He is interrupted by a knock on the door. He goes to answer it and is halfway through asking the person what they want when he sees it’s Emma. Not seeming very happy, she asks if he’s pleased to see her and walks past him into the house. Alf looks confused.

Guest Cast



Third appearance, last seen in #543. Helped ease the reunion between Angela and Viv.

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