Episode 546

Australian Air Date: 28th May 1990
Writer: Jenny Sharp
Director: Michael Ailwood

A mystery package arrives for Bobby at the diner. Adam becomes jealous when Steven and Emma start spending time together.

Extended Summary

At the Stewart house, Emma tells Alf that she thought Bridget wanted her back but when she got there she started treating her like dirt. Then one of the boys said Bridget only wanted her there so she could claim more social security. When she found out Barry was still hanging around, it was too much and she realised she couldn’t stay. Later, Emma phones Ailsa and explains the situation. She’s surprised that Ailsa isn’t angry with her. Alf reassures her that they don’t hold her leaving against her; they love her and she’s got a home there if she wants it.

At the beach house, Adam complains to Marilyn about Emma being off with him. He has bought them a new lino which has cost him $90.Matt checks it for fleas. Marilyn asks if she can pay her third of the cost later; she hasn’t had any sick pay while she’s been off with chickenpox and can’t even afford the rent. Adam realises he’d forgotten it was due as well and asks Matt if he can cover it but Matt doesn’t have any spare money, since he had to pay for Alf’s door. Later, while Adam and Matt are putting the lino down, Marilyn insists that honesty is the best policy. Ernie starts banging on the door and Marilyn goes to answer it. Adam and Matt lift her up and drag her away from the door.

At the Diner, Steven is still feeling down about Viv’s departure, despite Bobby attempting to cheer him up. She comments on the fact she hasn’t had anyone lately. When Steven leaves, Carly expresses surprise he was into Viv that much but says he’ll soon find someone else. Bobby retorts that Steven isn’t fickle like that and won’t break up with Viv just because she’s left. Carly reminds her she’s engaged now. The postman, George, arrives with some bills and a letter for Bobby. Bobby refuses to tell Carly what it is, saying it’s confidential. Later, when Pippa comes in, Bobby asks to speak to her about something. Carly tries to stay and listen but Bobby tells her she can leave early. After Carly has gone, Bobby shows Pippa the contents of the envelope, which show photographs of men and profiles: She’s joined a dating agency. Pippa is shocked but Bobby says she’s tired of not meeting anyone new and didn’t fancy hanging around single balls. Pippa’s reaction has left her thinking she shouldn’t go ahead with it but Pippa points out that a couple of the candidates look quite nice. She suggests they sleep on it and make a decision in the morning.

Next morning, Adam and Matt try to apologise to Marilyn, who is upset and humiliated by the way they treated her the previous day. Adam assures her they’ll have the money by the afternoon. He heads to the Diner where he asks Carly for work, wondering if Pippa’s changed her mind about hiring him as a cleaner. Carly says they can do their own cleaning. Grant notices Adam keeps looking over his shoulder and wonders if he’s looking out for someone. Emma comes in but ignores Adam and goes to a table. Adam sits with her but she refuses to talk with him so he takes his takeaway and goes out, telling Carly he’ll pay later. Grant tells Emma that Adam’s had a hard day but Emma doesn’t care.

Steven is on the phone to Viv when Pippa comes in and points out the repeated phone calls are costing money. She suggests he drive up to see Viv. Steven points out he can’t drive but Pippa says if he lays off the phone calls they might be able to afford driving lessons. Steven suggests Ben could take him to the driving school. Pippa says he’s already gone to work but suggests he borrows Emma’s road safety book. Steven heads out, passing Bobby as he does so. At the beach house, Adam complains to Marilyn about Emma’s behaviour again. Neither he nor Matt has been able to make much money; Matt understands how difficult it is for Adam to find work. Marilyn thinks they should be honest and Adam agrees, until he sees Ernie coming with an angry look on his face. Matt and Adam prepare to head out the back door while Marilyn goes to let Ernie in. Matt and Adam claps their hands over her mouth and carry her away from the door again.

Emma gives Steven the road safety book. Alf suggests Emma could help Steven but Steven can see Emma isn’t happy about the idea so makes his excuses and leaves. Emma tells Alf she just wants to be left alone but Alf doesn’t think that’s healthy; Steven is missing Viv so maybe they could help each other. At the Diner, Ernie moans to Carly and Steven about his tenants, saying Adam’s a troublemaker. Carly mentions he was in earlier and Ernie storms off. Steven tells Carly that Adam and the others are hiding from Ernie. Emma arrives and offers to help Steven, commenting on how he could do with Viv to help him before taking the book to test him.

Pippa and Bobby look over the profiles the dating agency has sent her. They quickly dismiss Steven Spears, who says he only wants someone to cook and clean for him, leaving Chris Reynolds and Geoff Limes. Bobby thinks Geoff has a nice face but Chris seems more sophisticated. After a few moments’ indecision, she chooses Geoff. Pippa promises she won’t tell Carly and tells her to make the call. Bobby hangs up after only a few rings the first time, saying he isn’t there, but Pippa persuades her to call back. She talks to Geoff and is shocked when he arranges for them to have lunch that day.

Adam, Matt and Marilyn are waiting for another visit from Ernie. Adam suggests he take the blame. Marilyn asks him why Emma’s back and Adam says it was something to do with her mother but he doesn’t really know. Marilyn is shocked that he didn’t ask, saying that’s why Emma is angry. Ernie knocks on the door and Marilyn answers while Matt and Adam hide in the kitchen. Marilyn explains they don’t have the money because of her being off sick and Ernie says he understands and they can pay whenever they can. Matt and Adam are bewildered.

Steven and Emma are lying down on the grass near the beach. Emma thanks Steven for listening to her. She asks him a question about what to do at roundabouts, using stones to represent the roundabout and cars. Adam comes along and sees them laughing and joking as they move the stones about. He walks over and says it didn’t take Steven long before storming off. Steven looks confused. Emma actually looks quite pleased.

Guest Cast

Seventh appearance, last seen in #540. Hounded an avoiding Matt and Adam after their rent fell overdue.

Postman who delivered Bobby’s secret package to the Diner.

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